Around Town – Weymouth Alumni Theatre.

Irish Eyes Photography is proud to be affiliated with a number of theatrical and musical associations around Weymouth.  One of those associations being Weymouth Alumni Theatre. In 2009, members of the previously popular Weymouth Alumni Theatre Society regrouped and became The Weymouth Alumni Theatre.  The goal:  To create a great theatrical outlet for children in the town.  Starting out as an evening summer camp program, Weymouth Alumni Theatre worked directly with the town’s Rec department and had a very positive response.  The kids had fun, they got to perform and see performances by the very talented alumni (many of which are professional performers), and they got a great experience out of it.  Irish Eyes Photography is happy to be affiliated with such a program.  

2009 – Don’t Stop Believin’

2009 – Rehearsal Shot

2009 – McElligot’s Pool (this was the entire childrens cast…….)

2010 – As you can see, word got around about this fantastic program and the childrens cast increased by more than double.

2010 – Fame!

2010 – Probably my favorite shot from any rehearsal.  The kids are commited, and the light is just fantastic.  Love it!

***If you’re live in Weymouth or the surrounding area, be sure to inquire at the Rec Dept about Weymouth Alumni Theatre’s summer program!  Next year promises to be even better!


p.s. – the reason Irish Eyes Photography wasn’t around for the performances?  …. Kerry’s in the show too!

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