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One feature of the new website is a re-visit to photoshoots from the early days of Irish Eyes Photography.  Every so often, we’ll get to take a look back at where we first came from, and hopefully how we’ve grown since then too!

The Youngs reached out to me for a family portrait session.  This one was pretty special because Mr. Young, a career serviceman, was about to be deployed to Iraq.  So it was an important time to get everyone together for something extra special to hang over their mantle. 

Autumn in their backyard was an amazing backdrop!  I was completely enamored by their big old shed, their wood piles and rock walls… Thankfully Mrs. Young said I could use it any time if I needed something like it for portraits.  Otherwise, I don’t think I’d easily find something similar without buying my own property (which, I am also currently working on with Mike!)

Sometimes even big kids like to feel like little kids again.

Such a great wagon!  And such a great family!

There’s a lot of love here.

I love that barn!

*** Special Thanks to Mr. Young and all our service men and women.


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