Senior Portraits – Hillary.

I had known Hillary and her family from being a Weymouth resident and local theatre productions and dance recitals.  When, at rehearsal one night, she asked me to be the photographer for her senior year yearbook photo, I was THRILLED!  First of all, it’s a huge honor since that’s THE photo you associate with high school, and secondly, I knew Hillary was going to be a lot of fun to work with.  And I was completely right.

She’s just a natural!So adorable.  And I loved that I knew I could come up with any zany idea and she’d do it… whether it meant lying on an old piece of driftwood, sticking flowers in her hair, or getting up close and personal with a tree.  She was a star.I love this because it shows a maturity in Hillary that has been present in the last year or so.  You’ll come to see in more photos below that she’s a barrel of laughs and totally fantastic, but this one captured another part of her; that quiet, old soul part.  And I love that part of her!When we knew we had all the shots we wanted, Hillary put on her craziest set of leggings (a staple of her wardrobe) and leapt around like a crazy fool.  And she rocked it!

I don’t know why we photographers feel the need to always stick high school seniors in trees, but we do.  My brother had a tree photo, my sister had one (I think). I missed out on the tree photo because mine were taken on a beach.  Nevertheless, here’s Hillary in her tree.  I think we like trees as photographers because they’re interesting, stable, and create a really gorgeous natural backdrop to show off our clients in.


It certainly worked for Hillary!


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