baby madden christmas card photoshoot

This afternoon I had the pleasure of taking Christmas card shots of Baby Madden.  We had a great time!  Is he not just the cutest?!?!

Mama Madden wrapped a storage box like a present.  Brilliant idea!

He was skeptical of Santa at first.  I suppose we all are.  At first. 🙂

Such a happy boy!  These shots were toward the end of the shoot; Baby Madden was teething so, though still adorable, he wasn’t his smiley self at first.  His parents pulled out all the stops though and finally, a mirror did the trick.  Babies love seeing themselves in the mirror!  Mama Madden is one smart cookie!  And it just goes to show a little teething pain doesn’t get in the way of a great photoshoot.

Such a cute face!  If he were my kid, he’d get away with everything!

Of course we had to put him in the box!

Hah! I laugh at this one every time I see it.  It epitomizes what every kid must think when I and their parents are acting like buffoons to get them to smile.  Hahah.

Happy Holidays!

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