Oldies but Goodies – the mahoneys

One feature of the new website is a re-visit to photoshoots from the early days of Irish Eyes Photography.  Every so often, we’ll get to take a look back at where we first came from, and hopefully how we’ve grown since then too!

Dear Readers, meet the Mahoney siblings.

My fellow redhead, J., did not like the idea of having to look like she liked her brother, W., in any way.  This created room for an interesting sibling photoshoot.  Haha.

What cracked me up was it’s usually the brother who’s disinterested.  W. was a star and a very adorable big brother to J. even though she’d rather be anywhere else.  I love J. for her redhead stubbornness.  We have that in common.  Her mum was a little nervous we wouldn’t get good shots but I just laughed and caught them in the moments where J. would let go of herself.

A costume changed helped a bit and J. had fun twirling in her colorful skirt.  Every girl loves to twirl! You put a skirt on, and you twirl.  That’s just whatcha do!

My job is to catch people being themselves when they’re not aware of the camera.  Here, W. helped J. through the sea grass and to me, a little sister of a big brother myself, this one makes me smile.

I love playing with style sometimes.  Fooling around with the colors on this one gave it a fun vintage feel.  Totally goes with J.’s awesome hippie dress.  The Mahoney’s were great subjects.  Both so adorable and photogenic!

If they were a band, this could be their album cover.

In the end, they got along famously and we got some great shots.  And I walked away with a smile on my face, thinking of this redhead’s relationship with her own big brother.  🙂


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