Two Year Old Ava – Part One of Three

Ava, her mum and I wanted to do something different for her year-two photoshoot (check out year one here!).  So we decided to do an apple picking shoot.  What resulted were some of my favorite shots thus far as a photographer.  And because of that, we’re going to have to share them with you in not one, not two, but THREE posts! 

The shoot hadn’t even started yet but I had to catch this adorableness of Ava and her mum holding hands as we walked through the parking lot.

Ava was unsure about our hayride.

I think there’s something so adorable about a child’s shadow.  And that the one ahead of Ava, in this case, belongs to her mother.  I remember noticing my shadow and my mother’s shadow on the walk home from school as a kid.  There’s something compelling about shadows.

Ava had never been apple picking before and relished in the idea of picking an apple off the tree and eating it.  When we first started the shoot she was still a bit tuckered out from her nap on the long ride there, but after four or five apples, she had quite a bit of energy!

The sunlight through the trees that day was a photographers delight!

I love how expressive Ava is.  This is just how she eats an apple.  No posing, no asking her to make a face.  She just makes it so easy!

Stay tuned…there’s lots more apple picking fun to come! 🙂


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