Christmas Mini Session #7 – Ciras Photography Visits Irish Eyes Photography!

As you’ve seen with the six prior mini sessions, I had a great mix of new clients and old stop by for Christmas portraits.  Today I’m sharing a new client but one I’ve had a long photographic relationship with.  Meet the couple behind Ciras Photography and their little one.

This incredibly talented duo ROCKED IT as my wedding photography team.  You can see some highlights here (and here…. and here…. yes, our wedding was a three parter).  Heather was also responsible for the first official Railey family portraits.  You can see a highlight from that here.  Rest assured these guys will also be responsible for any Railey family portraits to follow (maybe some soon where Rosie Mae isn’t all mushy and new).  They are incredibly talented and extremely good at what they do both behind the camera and beyond (I’m pretty sure they become life long friends with each and every bride and groom they work with).  Their little one and Rosie Mae will grow up together (and probably moan together about how they are always photographed).  Heather, Jesse, Mike and I will continue to hang out for dinners and baby story times and baby swim lessons… the list of avenues our friendship journey will travel goes on and on.

So, with all that being said, when my talented friends wanted to stop by for a mini session, the self-induced pressure was ON!  I happen to know Heather is very particular about what she likes in portraits (a trait I immediately admired and hired her for) so I knew I had to get it right (it should be noted that absolutely zero pressure was apparent from my photographer clients.  This was all me).  Their list of hoped-for-shots was short: Heather wanted mostly candid shots of them just being silly and fun.  Only a few that were Christmas themed.  And, one in particular of Little One walking (she walks!) toward the camera while Heather and Jesse were smooching in the background.  They arrived at the perfect time of day for sunlight (thank you, Photography Gods), and we just went for it.   So, without further ado, here we go!:

First of all, how flippin’ cute is this little bean?!

It’s pretty apparent where that cuteness came from…Yup, their family is too adorable for words.  I’m pretty sure they just laugh and smile all the time.  That’s pretty awesome.

Heather can often be heard saying that Little One “loves to be manhandled” as she tosses her high up in the air and Little One lets out a scream of delight.  This little daredevil has been seen balancing on her father’s hand (seriously… standing up straight on one of his hands high up in the air) and she loves every minute of adventurous play.

Loves it.I bet one reason she loves it is because after every daring-do, she knows she gets a cuddle from the two people she loves the most.  The requested shot of them smooching in the background:I am going to gloat a little and say that I’m pretty sure I nailed it. The light is perfect, Little One is walking right into a sun ray that lights her up (seriously, I didn’t edit her to be brighter), there’s a sun flair in the top right (Heather LOVES appropriately used sun flairs) and they look adorable.  Correct me if I’m wrong, Ciras fans, but I would even venture to say this looks a bit like a shot they’d have taken.   I might have tried for a closer shot if we did it again, but, other than that, I sort of love it.  OK, gloat ended.

Then we did just a few Christmas shots since, after all, these were Christmas mini sessions.  I love this one where it looks like Little One is decorating the tree/up to no good: And this more conventional posed one:But of course, we had to end on a candid note for our candid photographers.  And um, I love this so much.  We were actually done at this point but it just looked so cute and Jesse happened to look up at me.   Love it.Heather has stated that she loves the photos so, PHEW!

Tomorrow?  A brother and sister pair that brought their own props!


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