Christmas Mini Session #9 – Bro’s

Today I have two very handsome boys to show off.  These kiddos aren’t new to Irish Eyes Photography.  As a matter of fact, Little Brother was photographed when he was just a teeny tiny baby!  Now they’re both older but still simply charming.  I just adore them.They seem to adore each other, too.  The above shot?  Not posed.  I told Big Brother to sit on a stool and Little Brother just plopped himself on his knee, put his arm around Big Brother, and rubbed his head.  And I died from the candid cuteness.

Same goes for this one too:

I mean, really.  This is like, the clutch-your-heart-and-stumble-a-little kind of sweet.

The following picture, however, was totally staged and it cracks me up.

ME:  Big Brother – Look as if you’re surprised Little Brother wrapped you up in lights, and Little Brother – look devious.



Yet again, I have to share the glitter shots.  Even boys love glitter.  🙂  Little Brother was so intensely into this, it was adorbs.  And Big Brother wins the prize for blowing it so perfectly that it not only looked like snow, but it filled such a huge amount of space!

Little Brother was having trouble with getting the glitter to do its thang, so he looked up at me as if to say, “help!”  Only, he was still getting a kick out of the situation, so he did it with a grin…With a little coaching, he finally got it.  Look at the satisfaction on his face!Then it was time to move outside!  It was getting late… the sun was setting so we got out there just in time!  AND, we had a special guest star!This picture ended up on the front of their Christmas card.  Love it.

Then we let the boys just… be boys!

Before I could let them go, I asked them to work with me for one special shot for Mom.  I don’t know why, but I thought these two would look insanely sweet wrapped up in a blanket with the setting sun behind them.…. I think I was right.  🙂Such handsome fellas.


Tomorrow on the blog:  The final Mini Session post of the season!  Can you believe it!?

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