Rosie Mae is Nine Months Old!

Every month, I take a photo of my daughter sitting in her Uncle Chris’ childhood rocking chair.  Here is her nine month photo…

On the day of her monthly birthday, she also managed to stand up without holding onto anything.  She pulled herself slightly off the ground (not even all the way) and then let go and stood straight up.  The look on her face was priceless.  She was so excited and so proud.  I wonder if next month I’ll be talking about how she’s walking.  Aahh!

Here are the runners up:

Now, you might be wondering why we picked the funny-faced photo we did when there were 3 very sweet and smiley ones.  Well, the face in the one we picked is one she has started making ALL.  THE.  TIME.  And let me tell you, it is HILARIOUS.  So the fact that she did it during our little photoshoot, well, we just had to pick that one!

Here it is again larger so you can really see why it cracks us up:

“Say WHAT?!” 

And here’s the traditional recap of the last 9 months.  I can’t believe there are only three left till she’s one.  ONE.  Then she’ll be going off to college.  I’m not ready for this.


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