Rosie Mae is Thirteen Months Old!

It’s a new year and, even though I’ve decided to keep going with the monthly photos, I’ve also decided to change it up a bit.  Out with the rocking chair, in with a more simple layout.  These monthly shots will be Rosie Mae just being Rosie Mae.  No more posing, no more layout rules.  The only rules now are:

1. Take a photo of Rosie Mae on her monthly birthday (the 6th of every month).

2. Write a list of what she loves at the time.

And that’s it.

So, on with the new leg of our journey.  I hope you’ll still come along for the ride, even if there’s no more rocking chair.

Here we go!

Every month I take a picture of my daughter, Rosie Mae.  Here she is at thirteen months:

To see Rosie Mae’s First year, click on the “portfolio” tab above, and then click on the “Rosie Mae” option.

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day!  I myself am THRILLED it’s a rainy day; I think we could use some rain.


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