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I’ve been shooting seniors for years now.  Some have been teenagers I had known for a while.  They were great to shoot but hard because I couldn’t believe they were as old as they were.

Today, I’m sharing my cousin Keenan’s senior pictures.

I didn’t make it through the shoot without tears in my eyes.

I may have bawled like a baby while editing them.  We’ll see if I get through this post without needing a tissue.

Ladies and gents, may I present to you my buddy since they day he was born, Keenan.

Irish Eyes Photography Keenan H. Senior 2014-3002Irish Eyes Photography Keenan H. Senior 2014-2994

Keenan is a guy (!) with a great sense of humor.  He always seeks out laughter and easily fills the room with his own even if no one else chimes in.  He is an extremely talented artist and if he plays his cards right, will probably have a long and impressive career in animation.  He has been though some trying times but, he is an old soul that handles things with grace and determination.  When he was a baby, Keenan and I went everywhere together.  I’d take him for walks all over Southie and we would explore and giggle and enjoy all that life had to offer.  We often walked down to Castle Island and watched the planes land at the airport.  We would sit on the rocky wall and count them.  One of Keenan’s first words was, “wow.”  I can still hear him say it whenever a big plane went by.  They were joyous moments.  I remember them any time I go to The Island still.

When Keenan mentioned he wanted his senior portraits taken there, I connected the idea not to our memories together, but to all the other shoots I had done there.  It is an amazing location but I was hoping for something different for Keenan.  Something special.

As soon as we got out of the car, I realized this WAS something special.  Here I was with my buddy… all grown up… planes overhead… ready to take his pictures before he goes off into the big bad world.  The significance hit me like a ton of bricks.  This place was perfect for Keenan.  And it was perfect for Keenan and I together.

Irish Eyes Photography Keenan H. Senior 2014-2945

Look into those blue eyes and you’ll see one incredible soul.

Irish Eyes Photography Keenan H. Senior 2014-2861

Like I said, he’s an incredible artist.  I asked him to bring a sketchpad and some pencils so I could catch him in his element.

Irish Eyes Photography Keenan H. Senior 2014-2880

A portrait of the artist at work.

Irish Eyes Photography Keenan H. Senior 2014-2873

It was an early fall evening down The Island.  An absolutely beautiful day and not too crowded.  The sun was starting to set.  The light was perfection.  And my soulful cousin looked out on the water and into the future and all his success ahead of him.

Irish Eyes Photography Keenan H. Senior 2014-3033Irish Eyes Photography Keenan H. Senior 2014-3010

Like my buddy Keenan used to say…



p.s. to see the full gallery of images, click here.

p.p.s. I made it without crying!

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