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Happy Sunday my friends!  I hope you’re having an excellent weekend and enjoying all that this beautiful weather (finally!) has to offer.  If you’ll recall, last weekend offered up some gorgeous weather as well.  It was really the first time we got to shed those 75 layers and feel the wind on our skin.  I was lucky enough to enjoy that free feeling walking around Boston… with the O’ Family.  And man oh man, did we have fun.

When Mrs. O’ first approached me for family portraits, we tossed around a few ideas.  I threw out the idea of shooting at the Boston Public Library.  I quickly shot it down after two seconds of research and finding you aren’t supposed to take professional pictures there.  But then we both said, “weeeelllllll…. let’s try it anyway.”  So, we did!  Not only did we follow as many rules as possible (no flash/be quiet/don’t disturb anyone studying), we were even watched over by a guard but not kicked out… so I guess we did OK.  He was very nice and just kept his distance while making sure we weren’t hooligans.  Which… probably we are but we behaved well that day.  Ha.

Shooting in a historic building (one of my absolute favorites) without flash and without trying to draw attention to ourselves (and still guide my clients into interesting poses) was certainly a challenge.  I’m happy to announce it worked out deliciously well even with all the obstacles.  It helps that these folks are incredibly photogenic and that they know how to work a camera.  Werrk.

See what I mean?  Gorgeous:

Irish Eyes Photography O'Brien BPL 2015-4701Irish Eyes Photography O'Brien BPL 2015-4713

The most adorable boys:

Irish Eyes Photography O'Brien BPL 2015-4751

I had met Younger Brother when I got to take his acting headshots a few weeks prior.  I wanted to get to know Older Brother so I said, “What do I need to know about you, Older Brother?”  He said, quite simply, “I’m ten.”  Then, moments later, “and I like books.”

Meanwhile, Younger Brother was dancing all over the place about ten feet ahead of us.  Polar opposites.  As their parents described them in my “getting to know you” form, “One is straight-laced.  The other is UN-laced.”  Hilarious.

Irish Eyes Photography O'Brien BPL 2015-4767

Aaaaaaaaaand this is my favorite shot of the bunch:

Irish Eyes Photography O'Brien BPL 2015-4777Irish Eyes Photography O'Brien BPL 2015-4792

When we finally felt like we were pushing our luck inside the library, we stepped outside for a few shots.  In the background you can see people prepping Boylston Street for Marathon Monday.  It was a fun day to be outside in the city.

Irish Eyes Photography O'Brien BPL 2015-4813

Straight-laced (but still with a deep appreciation for humor).

UN-laced (as is, apparently, the guy in the background).

Irish Eyes Photography O'Brien BPL 2015-4821

Love this shot!

Irish Eyes Photography O'Brien BPL 2015-4827Irish Eyes Photography O'Brien BPL 2015-4833

Older brother was posing and younger brother photobombed.  And they both cracked up.  🙂

Irish Eyes Photography O'Brien BPL 2015-4856

I always try to get one or two romantic photos of the parents during family portraits.  After all, none of this would be possible if two crazy fools didn’t fall in love.  Sometimes I do it without kids in the shot, but sometimes I keep the kids in there.  Because it always gets silly reactions from the kids…

Irish Eyes Photography O'Brien BPL 2015-4866

…and then cracks everyone up.  Boy oh boy do I love a shoot filled with laughter.

Irish Eyes Photography O'Brien BPL 2015-4871

O’ Family you are SO FUN!!!  Please be Irish Eyes clients for life.  I adore you.   Let’s figure out some other ways to break the rules and get really awesome photos.  🙂

To see the entire gallery from this session, click here.  You’ll need the password from the O’ Family.


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