EC – Weymouth High Class of 2016 – Irish Eyes Photography

This next senior… oh my is she a beauty.   That insanely gorgeous hair – the blue blue eyes, and that full-bodied smile.  She’s a stunner and I don’t think she knows it.  It was my pleasure to meet and photograph Miss E.


We found a spot with these yellow flowers and I went nuts.  Consequently, these images were her mother’s favorite of the bunch.  The colors are just unreal!


(She’s smiling at her mum in the photo above.  I love that.)

There’s a scene in the movie Brave where Merida and her mum are in this cold, grey space full of ruins.  Everything is grey except the vivid red curly hair on Merida’s head.  It’s so wonderfully done it stops me every time I see it.  The photos from our time spent on these rocks reminds me very much of that scene.  Irish-Eyes-Photography-2015-Senior-E.C-88Irish-Eyes-Photography-2015-Senior-E.C-103

Isn’t she just adorable?!


Miss E. wants to be a doctor of physical therapy some day.  I think that’s an excellent aspiration.  Good luck in all that you do my friend!  And keep smiling that gorgeous smile!


To see the rest of the images from this session, click here.  You’ll need the password so be sure to ask Miss E. or a member of her family!

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