The V Family – Irish Eyes Photography – Emery Estate Weymouth MA

It’s so funny to me that this is the second Emery Estate post in a row – and I’ve only shot up there 3 times!  It’s a gorgeous location here in Weymouth so  I’m sure it’ll be crawling with photographers soon enough – like Webb Park is these days.  It’s infested!  Hahah.

Once upon a time I met a very nice woman at storytime at the library.  A few weeks later, I got a request for family portraits from a friend of hers!  How amazing!  I’m very glad I talk to every person I meet because otherwise I wouldn’t have met and photographed this GORGEOUS family!   Four of the sweetest girls you’ve ever met – each with just the right amount of spunk and hilarity mixed with soft loveliness.  I don’t know how their parents do it with four little girls – but they’re not only doing it, they’re rocking it.  Well done, Mum and Dad.

Let’s take a look, shall we?Irish-Eyes-Photography-V-Family-2015-6273

This sweetheart would hit her limit every so often and so I’d call her over, whisper some secrets in her ear, and then she’d nod with a smile and take the best shots ever afterward.  My promises?  That she could RUN.  She’d run off giggling and then run back with the biggest smile on her face.  Worked every time.


So of course, I let every single one of them try the “run trick.”  It even works on eight year olds! Irish-Eyes-Photography-V-Family-2015-6309

I think this next friend of mine is wise beyond her years.  She was super sweet and funny and had this maturity about her – she’s an old soul.  Her parents might be reading this and thinking, “maturity?!” Hahaha.  To me, she absolutely felt like an old soul.


Last but certainly not least, this gorgeous baby girl.  Only 7 weeks old at the time of this shoot, she was a perfect angel the entire time.  Of course, with three older sisters running around, I’m sure she opts for calm within herself just to maintain balance.  She’s lovely.Irish-Eyes-Photography-V-Family-2015-6338-Edit

We managed to get a couple family shots with the parents as well.  I LOVE when parents jump in for a few shots!  The girls will look back on these and love to see how you looked when they “were little.”Irish-Eyes-Photography-V-Family-2015-6386

Emery Estate is so gorgeous.  Dad wanted to make sure we captured the mansion in our shoot so I did a pull back shot.  The glory of these is, no one really needs to be smiling or posing – as long as they just stand in their spot.  Kids love when they don’t have to pose!


V Family – it has been such a pleasure working with you!!!  I ADORE the images you chose at your ordering session last night and I can’t wait to get your prints to you!

To see the entire gallery from this session, click here.  It’s password protected so you’ll need to obtain the password from the V Family.


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