G Family – Cohasset Sailing Club – Irish Eyes Photography

It’s January as I write this.  It’s cold.  And we’ve surely got the toughest part of winter ahead before it gets better.  So let’s take a walk back to June of last year.  That’s when I photographed this lovely family at the Cohasset Sailing Club in Cohasset, MA.  It was a beautiful day.  I shot half the session from knee-deep in the ocean.  I remember thinking I should’ve brought my suit to go for a swim when I was done because the water was so lovely that day.  I’m sure I wouldn’t feel that way today, so let’s all imagine a warmer time shall we?  Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce the very fantastic G Family.

While we were there, the Club was undergoing some major improvements, so we were slightly limited in our backdrops.  Still, we managed to get some really great shots.  The Little Guy was a blast to work with.  Look at that big smile!

I’m always such a sucker for mommy-and-me shots.  Especially when Mum here had specifically said that she’s never in any photos because she’s always the one taking them.  So I love that we got some good ones for her.


This next image is one of our favorites.  Mum and Dad crouched down to talk to the Little Guy and Little Guy crouched down too, like he was one of the grown ups.  We all started cracking up and he just kept sitting there like it ain’t no thang.  It was adorable.

The view from the Club is simply gorgeous. 

Believe it or not, at the time of this shoot, Mum here was about 5 months (I think?) pregnant.  When I was pregnant with my second child, I looked 9 months pregnant almost immediately.  I had to ask Mum to put her hand on her belly for this shot to hint to the idea that she was pregnant.  Seeing this makes me excited to photograph Baby Sister sometime soon!


Another one of our favorites – Little Guy having FUN.  He saw me in the water and wanted in.  We had a ball splashing and goofing around.  That’s how I like all my sessions to go. 

It was such a great session! The G Family curated a beautiful heirloom album at their ordering session.  Along with a number of prints for their walls, desks, and family members, the album will always be there, ready to be opened and enjoyed.  I love when clients buy the album!  It’s so worth it to have these gorgeous memories ready and waiting for you to relive them again!

Thanks for the great day, G Family!  You guys are amazing!


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