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Well. This is one of my most favorite sessions ever.  A beautiful fall evening in Beacon Hill with an insanely good looking family – it’s a photographer’s dream shoot!  And, it was really fun.

Transplants to the Boston area, the H family wanted some truly Boston portraits.  Where better to do that than Acorn Street on Beacon Hill?!  It’s one of the most photographed parts of the city, and so we had to do our fair share of waiting for it to be available.  First we had a wedding photographer shooting bridal portraits.  Then the residents were fed up with that (apparently) so they parked their cars on the street to deter any more setups.  We cheated some angles for a while, still getting some great shots, and then the residents moved their cars so we jumped in quickly to nab a few of the classic spot.  As we were doing so, a resident walked by and said, “We like you.  You’re quiet.  Take your time.”  Which might have been one of the most surprising and nicest compliments this loud mouth ever received! Hahaha.  So we got to get the “money shots” we were hoping for.  It was a great reward.

(Note the blurry car in the background of the above shot….)

Acorn Street is one of the few streets that still have the original, REAL cobblestones left.  It is very fun to walk on.  Fun/terrifying when you’re a klutz like me carrying thousands of dollars of equipment.  I made it out without falling though!  Woot!

Oh Big Brother.  Your quiet hilarity is one of my favorite personality types.  I’m so glad you opened up to me when we had our little one-on-one part of the session.   Especially when you started break dancing.  That was pretty amazing.

Not only are these children insanely INSANELY gorgeous, but they’ve either been well trained or are just naturals at taking good pictures.  I didn’t even set this shot up!  Totally natural.  Love it.

Little brother is basically the cutest baby you’ve ever seen crawl across a city street.

Here’s our Acorn Street money shot!  Hooray!  Achievement unlocked!

We even had grandparents get in on the fun during this shoot.  What special memories to treasure.

A romantic Beacon Hill portrait.

After Acorn Street, we headed over to the Boston Common for some more shots.  Here we weren’t in a rush to get out of the way as much, so we had a bit of fun with lifestyle photography.  I love this one of Little Brother trying to touch the water of the infamous duck pond as sister and Mum look on. 

Everyone loves a good Dad shot where the kids are cracking up.  Also, doesn’t Dad have a seriously rocking hairdo?!

I love everything about this one.

The session was over.  We were headed back to our cars.  The camera was all but put away.  Then I see these three goofing off again and I nab this quick shot.  It is one of my all time favorites.

Oh H Family!  Thank you for such a wonderful time.  You are such a genuine family with lots of joy and love.  You are raising your three children to be smart, caring, compassionate, polite, and funny.  All the good things.  I consider myself lucky to know all of you.


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