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Hey everyone!  The blog is back in action!

2016 was the year the blog died around here, but it’s time to bring it back!

I’ll be updating regularly with lots of images and lots of other fun stuff as well.  Getting back to one of my favorite parts of the business makes me so excited. Many of my 2016 clients were private people who didn’t want their session shared (which I completely honor) so I fell out of my routine. Excuses excuses!

For those clients who were happy to have their images posted, you can see all of them in the individual portfolio pages of my newly updated site.  How fantastic to start freshly with family portraits – one of my main focuses as a photographer.

Ironically, the last post on here is from the Halloween Mini Sessions back in October (oy!).  It’s ironic because that’s the day I met this wonderful mum!  She drove by and saw the event and immediately pulled over and asked for my info.  Since then we’ve had many a session planned but every. single. time. we got rained or snowed out!  We finally gave up and decided to wait until Spring.

Well Spring is finally here and our patience has been rewarded.  We got a GORGEOUS day in the hazy sun up at Emery Estate here in Weymouth.  We played hide and seek, we ran around, we hunted for tree nuts in the trees, and we went on bug finding expeditions.  My little friend here is two years old and as anyone who is a parent of a two year old knows, you’ve got to let them be the boss if you want them to cooperate in a situation like a portrait session.  She enjoyed being the boss and I enjoyed getting sneaky shots of everyone looking absolutely amazing when they didn’t even realize it.

There are SO many awesome images from this gallery that I’d love to share but my dear clients want me to just share three.  As always, your privacy is quite important to me so I’m happy to oblige and grateful that I get to share some at all.  I am so excited to now know this family.  I hope this is only just the first time we get to work together.  Maybe one day I can do a shoot just focused on dad’s EPIC beard.  Ha!

Happy Spring, everyone.





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