Mum and Me Session – Rexhame Beach, Marshfield MA

This year I brought back my ultra-popular Mum and Me Sessions just in time for Mother’s Day.

I spent a verrrrryyyyy cold day at Rexhame Beach in Marshfield MA and met a handful of families for quick, fun, gorgeous Mum and Me sessions.  The threat of rain loomed over our heads (quite literally in the clouds) and at that end we even heard some distant thunder.  It was also approximately 35 degrees out.  And that’s not even a remote exaggeration.  All these families dressed for a spring session on the beach and had to bundle up a bit to make sure no one caught frostbite!  You know what though?  Even with the odd addition of winter coats and blankets, they ALL rocked it.  And, as time goes by and each family meets me for their viewing session, you’ll get to see some of the fun we had.

Let’s start with this laughter filled session with a very happy little boy and his radiant mama, shall we?

Telling people’s story in a less obvious way is something I really enjoy.  Here I love Mum’s grounded stance; with her soft skirt blowing and her sandy, polished feet.  I love that the little guy not only has adorable shoes (I always remember my kids’ shoes with fondness) but that he’s clearly so comfortable with his mother just based on the way he’s standing.  He’s relaxed.  She’s his rock.


This next image was shared on social media around Mother’s Day so you may have already seen it.  But I’m sharing it again because I just LOVE how much adoration there is in it.  From both mother and son.  So, so sweet.This last one absolutely slays me.  They’re both cracking up identically!  They’re too cute. 

It was such a pleasure meeting this family and laughing with them.

The 35 degree days are (hopefully) behind us now; warmer spring weather is such an excellent time for family portraits.  Contact me to book your session today!






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