M Family Studio Session

When this client first reached out to me, many months ago, she said she wanted a basic, white, neutral studio backdrop.  It was time for some family portraits, and she wanted her beautiful family to shine.  And shine they did.  This charming quintet completely stole my heart.  This is a family full of love, of sweetness, and of joy.  Not to mention, they’re all adorable.

As appropriate for his age, the littlest one gave us a run for our money.  But with a lot of patience, a lot of enticing, and a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the studio TV, I manged to get some really sweet shots.  His brother and sister were like professional models; they sat patiently and waited for Little Brother to do his thing.  They both get gold stars for being so fantastic.

Sometimes in the middle of a session, kids need a break.  We took out all the toys and let them play.  A professional portrait session shouldn’t be without playtime.  Especially when it’s a slightly more formal studio session.  The kids got to stretch their imaginations, their legs, and their voices for a bit.  And then we grabbed some more shots afterward.  Of course, I still grabbed a few during our little break.  These are some of my favorites from our time together!

I couldn’t love this one more.

M Family, thank you so much for the time we spent together. I am in awe of how incredibly well mannered your children are, and how much your love for each other radiates through these images.  There is obviously so much joy in your lives.  Thank you for sharing it with me.


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