Mother’s Day Sessions with Irish Eyes Photography – Hingham MA

I started offering Mother’s Day sessions a few years ago.  To me, there is nothing more important than getting Mum in the pictures.  I always try to make a point of getting some shots of Mum with her kid(s) during regular family portrait sessions, but I loved the idea of this JUST being about Mum and her kids.  Maybe because I’m a mum and I know how hard it is to settle into a moment of just us being photographed. These were quick, 20 minute sessions full of closeness, of smiles, of tenderness, and of so much love.  We all need to stop and capture these moments as they pass by so quickly.  Even if you feel like you’re not your “best self” and aren’t “camera ready yet” you should do these anyway.  Your family thinks you’re gorgeous.  Because you are.  Give yourself the gift of capturing this time.  Your kids will love to look back and see them with you at every age.  They love you.  These portraits are just as much for them in the future as they are for you in the now.

This year we went to Hingham Bathing Beach a few blocks away from the studio.  Last year’s beach sessions were such a success I wanted to do the same idea this year just at a different location.  Hingham Bathing Beach offers so many great spots for portraits.  It was an insanely sunny afternoon (the first really of the year – we were shocked!) but it was still a great time.  Here are some highlights:

Sometimes Motherhood can carry a sadness alongside it.  We celebrated the daughter that first made this beautiful woman a mum in a simple, but important way.Absolutely stunning.  What a beautiful, happy mum.

Onto Mum #2: My beautiful sister!

So much light and love.

Mum #3 is an Irish Eyes Photography alum; we did a family session a couple of years back.  The kids are bigger, crazier, and cuter than ever before.  Their family has changed since we last met; and the beach was not an ideal spot for this mum – too many painful memories.  So we switched it up and after the beach sessions I drove down the street to Webb Memorial State Park in Weymouth.  The sun was lower and golden, the day was gorgeous, and we had a blast being silly and attacking mum as often as possible.

Families are all different.  And they can change even when you don’t expect them to.  There are losses.  There are gains.  There can be so much pain and sadness and then there can be SO much love and light.  Each of the mothers in this post have experienced alterations to their beautifully laid plans. Each of them is incredibly beautiful and strong.  And each of them is rocking this motherhood thing.  Ladies, I am so proud to know you.  Thank you for shining even through darkness.  Thank you for mothering your beautiful children.  Thank you for celebrating your journey with these images.  You are totally and completely owning motherhood.  You inspire me.

As I write this, it’s two days after Mother’s Day.  I spent Mother’s Day immersed in my own family.  I hope you got to do that too.  I have the honor of working with many many families each year.  And every mum is just so lovely.  Perhaps the reason my job is so wonderful is because I get to witness so much love every day.  It is an incredible gift that I am grateful for every day.  I love it.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there.  You’re doing a great job.


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