W.L., Class of 2019

After eleven years in the business of photographing people, it’s rare these days that I spend time in a place I’ve never been before.  When this family reached out to me for W’s senior portraits, they had a great idea for where they’d like to take these images and I definitely had never been there before!  Some of you locals with sons might recognize this place…


It’s the Boy Scout campground in Norwell!  With no sign telling you you’ve arrived, and, once you have (thanks to the family waiving you over), you still need to trek through the woods (and through some people’s backyards!) in order to get to this magical secret spot.  This was definitely a first for me but the light was delightful and I will never scoff at any place that has great light and trees.  I often joke my job description is “leaning people against trees in great light.”  It’s funny because it’s true.


I am a big fan of this kid.  He knows who he is, what he wants to do, how he plans to do it, and he’s an all around good kid.  Not to mention he’s adorable.  His parents are pretty amazing too.  Thank goodness because I’m pretty sure if they were bad people I’d have an entirely different story to tell about ‘that time I went with strangers into a secret, unmarked location in the woods.’  Hahaha

I’m actually really excited because when my son is older I’d like him to be a boy scout, and this means he gets to camp at a really cool location someday.

Thanks for all that you are, W and family!  I had the best time hanging out and laughing with all of you!


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