My #1 Bestseller: Albums

A couple of weeks after your sitting with me is over, you’ll come to my home studio to view your pictures and place your order.  I have a large number of options for prints, canvases, frames, personalized designs, etc.  Ever since I added these albums to my offerings a few years ago, they have become my #1 seller.  It makes perfect sense; what a wonderful way to get all of your favorite images in one beautifully made, handcrafted, built-to-last place.  I am IN LOVE with these albums – every single one comes back so insanely gorgeous.  I am thrilled that my clients have these to show off in their homes, in addition to their wall art.


Every single album is designed for you, by me.  Gone are the days of picking images to suit the album; I build the album around your favorite images.


The full, layflat pages are my favorite feature.  While the image below shows the book slightly closed, the book lies completely flat so that image covers the entire spread, uninterrupted by a spine.


The albums are especially perfect for lifestyle sessions.  This session here was a twin newborn lifestyle session.  It tells the story of life at home with TWO new babies.  Including the all important task of making more coffee – sometimes interrupted by a spontaneous kiss.


There are several options for the album available.  Ironically, this is a 12×8 Lilac album; the only other time I featured images of a clients album online it was also a 12×8 Lilac album!  The Lilac turned out to be my most popular color option which I initially found surprising but I LOVE that people go for a color!


The rattle you see photographed is the gift that all my newborns (and teething infants) receive just for working with me.  It’s handmade locally, 100% natural and safe, and the amazing woman who makes them for me hand paints my logo on each and every one.  Incredible!



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F Family Lifestyle Session – Irish Eyes Photography – Norwell, MA

Let me introduce you to the F Family.  My intern Anna and I had the BEST TIME working and playing with them in their lovely home.  We had a lifestyle session planned – which means we would be photographing everything photojournalistically.  We would follow them around as their day unfolded and capture them living their lives.  As soon as we arrived, Big Sister gave us the grand tour of the house and we got to see all the things that were special to her.  Little Brother had a great time crawling around and showing us the lay of the land.  It was a day filled with cuddles, laughter, a couple of tears (which some good snuggling easily mended), and lots of goofballery.  Yes, I’m declaring goofballery is a word now.

This session in all its loveliness speaks for itself in the images, so let’s take a look:

Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-284Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-252Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-266

The image below has some unplanned magic in it; Little Brother was playing and somehow seemed to get hurt.  He snuggled his Mumma and I caught this sweet shot.  Which is sweet enough on its own, but then look at the framed painting on the wall in the background.  I LOVE how they’re mirror images!  So cool.Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-307Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016 002Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-196Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-116Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-108

Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016 001Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-41Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-15Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-7Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-313

We’ll end on the one posed shot of the bunch.  This little ham had to get dressed up as a princess and pose for a few before the paparazzi left the house.

The F Family came to see their gallery at their viewing session and created a few different installations of wall art for their home.  Large scale pieces for their family room, the hallway and the playroom.  The great thing about it is, each installation has a different feel; playful images for the playroom, cuddles for the family room, etc.  It’s fun to create little stories for each space.  And to tell the entire story of this session, they bought a gorgeous album that they can open and experience whenever they want.

Thanks for such a great visit, F Family!  Anna and I had a blast working with you!!

-Kerry:) (and Anna too!)

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Four Generations – Canton MA – Irish Eyes Photography

A client sent me a message saying she has four generations of fellas on her husband’s side and could we do a session to celebrate that?  The answer was ABSOLUTELY!  We got everyone together on a beautiful day in February and went onto the back porch of their home to take these images – a special gift for Great-Grandfather’s NINETY-SEVENTH birthday.  I had each fine gentleman hold an empty frame and simply pose as they would.  I wanted them to look as natural and ‘themselves’ as possible  I played with angling a bit and that was it!  It was that simple.  When I got back to my office, I worked some Photoshop magic on it and we had an amazing heirloom image to be celebrated by many, for many generations. Irish-Eyes-Photography-4-Generations-2016

They used the frame in the image to frame the print making the final product look so sleek and perfect.  It was an amazing idea!  She definitely won “best gift” at the big birthday celebration.  What everyone remarked upon the most is how each personality is captured perfectly. I love that every one of them is so similar yet so different.  It’s one of those images you look at and find something new to think about it every time you look at it.

One of my favorite details that you can’t see is, we took these at my clients’ home (my clients are the youngest Dad and his wife…their son is the little boy in the image).  For this part of the story, we’ll name these guys Great-Grandad, Granddad, Dad and Boy.  So, Granddad bought this house with his wife and brought up Dad there.  Then Dad (and wife) bought the home from Granddad and now lives there with Boy (along with Wife and Girl).  So, not only is the image full of generational history, but so is the backdrop; that brick is the chimney of the home where three out of four of these fellas lived/live.  How fitting.  (Were you able to follow all of that?!?!)

Finished with our most important work, we moved on to take a few more shots of the guys together, and then went inside to play.


Every boy wants me to take a picture of their butt.  Every boy.  And I always oblige.  It’s one of my secret weapons.  If I agree to take a butt shot, they’ll agree to give me a nice smile later.  Irish-Eyes-Photography-4-Generations-2016-04

Works like a charm.Irish-Eyes-Photography-4-Generations-2016-05

Many of you might recognize this from Leap Day this year.  It was my “Happy Leap Day” social media post.  I couldn’t resist!Irish-Eyes-Photography-4-Generations-2016-06

Now that we were just playing around, Sis got in on the fun too!  Irish-Eyes-Photography-4-Generations-2016-07

This next one is completely candid.  Let the kids have fun at a photo session and you’ll get magic like this.Irish-Eyes-Photography-4-Generations-2016-08

I seem to be revealing all my tricks today.  Here’s another: we coerced Grandmum to get into a photo with the kiddos.  How did I get the kids to have such awesome smiles?  I told them a secret.Irish-Eyes-Photography-4-Generations-2016-09

“Psst: Guys.  OK come in close so no one hears the secret.  Here’s what we’re going to do.  You go over there and smile nicely for the camera.  When I say ‘go,’ you GET ‘EM!”  Kids love secrets and they love evil plans.  It’s even better when the other subjects don’t know the plan.  I love the reactions of the grandparents here! Irish-Eyes-Photography-4-Generations-2016-10

Can’t leave without a family portrait!  Mum and Sis weren’t planning on being in any shots but I LOVE this one.  Such a fun family to work with and to know. Irish-Eyes-Photography-4-Generations-2016-11

Thanks for a great session everyone!  I’m so glad you suggested this idea to me!  It’s been such a fun journey!


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First Communion and Family Portraits – Irish Eyes Photography – Weymouth MA

I’m excited to show you this session, friends.  I was asked to take First Communion portraits of the beautiful and lovely S.  As soon as my intern Anna and I arrived, she was all ready to go and looked absolutely stunning in her gown and veil.  It was a beautiful but chilly day, so we headed outside to take some shots while we had good light and wouldn’t get too cold.  I love that their home is the background for these images.  It becomes a character in the story of this special time.


It was chilly but S was a trooper.  She told us absolutely hilarious stories about her and her best friend.  There was no trouble getting a smile out of this kid!


When we had had our share of the chilly outdoors, we went inside.  There was beautiful light pouring in from upstairs.  I had S stand at the bottom and look up, hands clasped in prayer. No special equipment or techniques here, folks.  Just finding the light and knowing how to use it.Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-03

The light in their home was amazing everywhere.  Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-04



Once we captured some great shots of S in her gown, she changed out of it and we moved on to family shots.  Little Brother D was not interested.  His mother saw this image, laughed out loud, and immediately purchased it.  Sometimes we don’t need the images of everyone smiling directly at the camera; we need the ones that capture our loved ones’ personalities.  This image captured Little Brother in all his two-year-old glory.  The black and white not only added to the mood, but is also a mirror to a toddler’s world: black and white (I speak from currently being in the trenches of a two-year-old boy’s life).  Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-07

This image is beautiful to me because of the way Mum and Dad are doting on their children and the children are completely unaware.  Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-08Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-09

Family portraits in front of their amazing dining room window.  They had white gauzy curtains hung up so it created this lovely diffused light.  It was like bringing a studio with me! Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-10

I always ask if Mum and Dad want some shots together alone.  It’s nice to take a moment and celebrate the two people that brought all this love into the world and made a home and a life together.  Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-12

I absolutely love this last one.  So in love.  So much joy.  Life is beautiful.Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-11

Thanks for allowing me into your beautiful home, D Family!  Anna and I had such a great time with all of you.  Your home and your family are full of so much joy and light.  Thanks for letting us capture it.


(and Anna too!)

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Copyright Infringement.

This morning I awoke to a message from a client.  The same message she’s had to send me a number of times.  You see, an image I took of her son has become very widespread on the interwebs, but not in the right way.  Here’s the link to the original story.

This time, someone turned him into an internet meme.  And not a nice one, either.  I’m flabbergasted.

Since my original post on this issue, the stolen post has come up a number of times.  And every time I have to stop what I’m doing and write cease and desist pleas to the person who is spreading the image.  Then I have to report said image to all the powers that be (Facebook/Pinterest/etc).  That’s when I’m “lucky” enough to have the image posted on forums that have a course of action.  I don’t have such luck and then I have to rely on strangers doing the right thing.  Sometimes, as in the case noted in the original story linked above, people realize it’s an issue and take it down immediately.  Other times, people aren’t so nice.

I don’t watermark images to get my logo noticed.  I do it to help deter people from stealing said images and using them inappropriately.  A photographer acquaintance was driving down the highway one day and saw a billboard (a billboard!) for some sort of horrible disease that takes the lives of children.  And on that billboard was the image of HER child – an image she had taken.  The child was alive and well and the image had been used wholly without permission.  She was flabbergasted that someone would do such a thing.  It’s awful.

I used to watermark my images with a big colorful logo on it in the negative space of the image (somewhere where it was out of the way).  Then I had an image of MY daughter stolen that had had such a watermark and someone went ahead and edited it out before claiming it as their own and spreading it all around the internet.  So now, I use a smaller, lower opacity watermark (because I don’t want to ruin my images with a big honking logo) but I place it somewhere where it’s always ON the person somehow (usually around the jaw/neck).  It makes it less easy to edit out.  Of course, people still do.

I’m such a stickler for privacy and for protecting my clients that sometimes I want to get rid of my online presence all together.  To expand a photography business (or any business) in any way, the pro’s suggest sharing all over the place, entering photography contests, and using social media.  It was entering a (reputable) contest that got me into this mess in the first place with my now famous image (haha, not famous enough to win the contest though!).  I stopped sharing images directly onto Facebook a long time ago, though there’s the rare occasion that I share something like a group album from an event (such as the photobooth at the N.I.C.E Conference I just attended).  And it’s only been recently that I’ve braved having a public Instagram account.  I’ve really been enjoying the sense of community that comes with it.  And now I want to close all of these accounts down and hope people call me without ever being able to see any of my work.

In this day in age, I would go out of business immediately.  So, I do everything I can to protect my work and I hope for the good in people.  Most days, people are good.  Some days, even my clients don’t listen and I have to have uncomfortable conversations about taking cell phone images during sessions and why that’s against the contract they signed.  Or I have to spend hours tracking down the best course of action for strangers who steal images of little kids.  It’s exhausting and debilitating and sad.

My work is my passion.  I’m one of the lucky ones who’s making a living out of doing what they love.  I am honored by all the people I work with.  It’s also the way we pay for the extra’s around here.  It’s dance lessons and swim lessons for the kids, clothes and shoes when we need them, etc.

I feel very trampled on right now.  And of course, the mother involved in this story is beside herself with rage.  Her son is now an internet meme that’s been shared thousands of times.  The person who did it thinks its hilarious that the mother is upset (I haven’t actually made contact with him yet…I’m leaving that up to the officials so far) and refuses to take it down.  I’ve reported the images to all the powers that be, I’ve done my due diligence (yet again).  I am talking to a lawyer (I can’t believe I have to do that).  No matter how many times we feel like we have this situation under control, it comes back and rears its ugly head.

Friends, if you see an image of a child and it’s shared without any sort of credit or original location (such as in a meme or one of those random “how cute is this kid” posts we often see), please don’t share it.  That’s someone’s child.  An innocent.  That image itself is someone’s intellectual property.  Unless you can be sure it’s being shared with permission, don’t share it.  Be the change you wish to see.  And always credit the professionals who are doing right by you.  Or trying to, anyway.

Thanks for listening.


Irish Eyes Photography Discusses Copyright Infringment

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Some words.


It’s been a while.  How are you?  Are you well?  Are you ready for the weather to STAY nice?  I’m itching for weather nice enough for open windows.  I’m excited for the nights where it’s warm enough to have the office windows open while I work so I can smell the cool night air and feel the quiet breeze on my skin.

As I mentioned on my Facebook page, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and even then I had been catching up after another period of silence.  Ever since I had to change the way I watermark my images (because someone stole my work… again), it takes a few extra steps to put up a blog post and then I never get to it.  I need to work the entire process into my muscle memory (if you will) so I can get back to doing it regularly.  I will get there.

In the meantime, the first quarter of 2016 has been a surprising one.  While it hasn’t been busy, it’s been steady which is remarkable for what is usually my dead season.  I’ve also taken on an intern (more on that later) and attended a few Expo’s and conferences.  If you’re a friend from one of these places, hello and welcome!  There are usually more pictures here.  Haha.

Yes! An intern!  I got a call from the high school saying there was a student interested in an internship with me.  I interviewed her and looked at her portfolio and then hired her on the spot.  She’s been great!  We quickly created a great relationship and we’re having fun.  At least, I think we are.  We laugh a lot and she keeps showing up with a smile on her face so I assume she is too.  She’s been coming along to basically anything she possibly can and she works with me in the evenings as well (god help her).  We’re learning a lot from each other and having fun doing it.  I am thrilled that the universe brought us together.  So if you have a session with me over the next couple of months, you too can look forward to meeting her!

I’m going to start filling the blog back up with images from the sessions I’ve had since December, but I think I’ll do it out of order (unusual I know).  I might hold off on finally sharing highlights from last year’s Christmas Card sessions until July because: Christmas in July.  And, that’s also when I plan to start booking the spots for 2016 Christmas Card Sessions.  So, you can look for those sessions then.

While I’ve been quiet here, I’ve been active on Facebook as well as my new @irisheyesphotography instagram account.  It’s been a lot of fun connecting with all of you and I hope we keep liking, commenting, and sharing each others posts.  I love that sense of community that comes with social media.  Most days anyway.  🙂

I’ve also decided to use nicknames for my family members.  I never use any client real names (unless they happen to ask me to do it) but I always used my family’s names.  I thought it made me real and would make people feel like they really got to know me.  I decided to go with nicknames rather than their real names for two reasons: a: it’s more fun and b: just to give them some anonymity/protection.  I feel safer that way.  I still need to go through and delete all the old posts dedicated to their monthly photos, but I’ll get there.  In the meantime I’m using my old blogger nickname for my husband: Navy.  And the kids are Tink and Buzz.  So there ya go.  A new era.

Speaking of eras, my ninth anniversary as a business in Weymouth is coming up this summer.  I can’t believe it.  I guess I’m doing pretty well if I’ve lasted this long – and intend to last even longer.  Maybe for the tenth anniversary I’ll do something big.  Feel free to share ideas as to what that could be in the comments.

I’m writing this post because I wanted to be able to talk to you for a bit before I come back into blog posting.  I didn’t want to take over another post that was meant to focus on a specific session.  So, here are my words.

I’d like to hear your words.  When I went on maternity leave for my son, I instituted two guest blogger series.  One was “Why I Love This Photo” where you submitted a photo you love and told the story of it.  It did not have to be a photo by Irish Eyes Photography (though it could be). It was such a lovely series and I’d like to bring that back.  I also introduced “Motherhood Mondays” where you (or I) shared stories from your life as a mum.  I would also love to bring that back if we could.  To bring both back, I’ll need your stories.  If you’d like to submit one, you can email it to me at   I’m sure it seems odd to have stuff like this on a small photography business blog, but I love the idea of community and stories.  After all, that’s what I do; capture your stories in images.  So, I feel it works well.

I’ve got some fun ideas coming up that I’ll be looking for models for.  Be sure to keep an eye out on my social media pages and to subscribe to my newsletter (that I rarely send out so you won’t be spammed) so you’ll hear about them.  Exciting stuff!  I love stretching my creativity and trying new things.  It’s good for the soul.

And that’s where I’m at.  Again I ask, how are YOU?  Feel free to respond in the comments section.




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L Family At-Home Christmas Card Session – Irish Eyes Photography

It was after my Christmas Card Sessions.  Deadlines were looming.  A friend of mine posted on Facebook about how she had no idea how she was going to get Christmas Card pictures of both kids together – it was too hard.  I hinted that what she does is, hire me!  Another friend/client of mine also commented that she hires me to take care of it every year.  So, my friend hired me!  We had a short session at their home.  It has the LOVELIEST front porch and my friend (with her amazing taste in tow) decorated it perfectly.  The setup was adorable and everyone looked fantastic.  It made my job very easy.

Big Brother had been to my Halloween Mini Sessions twice.  Both times he froze in front of the camera.  Mum was worried we would have the same problem today.  I assured her these were a totally different sort of shoot and that not only is it more laid back and candid, but there’s no hay to sit on (something I think freaks some kids out).  Big Brother and I played a game of hide and go seek around a giant tree and we had an absolute ball.  He definitely did NOT freeze this time around.  Look at those smiles!

Little Sister is no stranger to Irish Eyes Photography either!  This gorgeous older baby was once this tiny little newborn!  She is just as lovely now as she was then.  What a cutie!

I loved the color scheme here.  Everything goes together perfectly yet it’s not too matchy-matchy.  It was the perfect look for Christmas Cards.

We were all done and I was packing up when I noticed a lovely canvas of Dad and Big Brother.  Mum had taken the image and loved it, so she had a canvas made.  She talked about how she’s never in any photos.  So we went back outside and grabbed some of her with each little one.  I love this one of her and Big Brother laughing together.

And here’s the one that made the wall.  Mum with Little Sister now joins Dad with Big Brother as big beautiful canvases to decorate their home.  Perfect.

This was such a fun session!  Just because you don’t make it to the Christmas Card Session Event I host every year doesn’t mean you can’t get Christmas Card portraits with me!  The aesthetic from their session went perfectly with the Tradition With A Twist Card Collection I offer:

This front of the card paired with a simple message on the back was a classic way to let their friends and family know they were thought of this holiday season.  I’m happy to have been able to help and hopefully keep Mum stress free about her Christmas cards!

Thanks for the awesome shoot, L Family!  I hope we get to do it again next year!


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H Family – Beacon Hill, Boston MA – Irish Eyes Photography

Well. This is one of my most favorite sessions ever.  A beautiful fall evening in Beacon Hill with an insanely good looking family – it’s a photographer’s dream shoot!  And, it was really fun.

Transplants to the Boston area, the H family wanted some truly Boston portraits.  Where better to do that than Acorn Street on Beacon Hill?!  It’s one of the most photographed parts of the city, and so we had to do our fair share of waiting for it to be available.  First we had a wedding photographer shooting bridal portraits.  Then the residents were fed up with that (apparently) so they parked their cars on the street to deter any more setups.  We cheated some angles for a while, still getting some great shots, and then the residents moved their cars so we jumped in quickly to nab a few of the classic spot.  As we were doing so, a resident walked by and said, “We like you.  You’re quiet.  Take your time.”  Which might have been one of the most surprising and nicest compliments this loud mouth ever received! Hahaha.  So we got to get the “money shots” we were hoping for.  It was a great reward.

(Note the blurry car in the background of the above shot….)

Acorn Street is one of the few streets that still have the original, REAL cobblestones left.  It is very fun to walk on.  Fun/terrifying when you’re a klutz like me carrying thousands of dollars of equipment.  I made it out without falling though!  Woot!

Oh Big Brother.  Your quiet hilarity is one of my favorite personality types.  I’m so glad you opened up to me when we had our little one-on-one part of the session.   Especially when you started break dancing.  That was pretty amazing.

Not only are these children insanely INSANELY gorgeous, but they’ve either been well trained or are just naturals at taking good pictures.  I didn’t even set this shot up!  Totally natural.  Love it.

Little brother is basically the cutest baby you’ve ever seen crawl across a city street.

Here’s our Acorn Street money shot!  Hooray!  Achievement unlocked!

We even had grandparents get in on the fun during this shoot.  What special memories to treasure.

A romantic Beacon Hill portrait.

After Acorn Street, we headed over to the Boston Common for some more shots.  Here we weren’t in a rush to get out of the way as much, so we had a bit of fun with lifestyle photography.  I love this one of Little Brother trying to touch the water of the infamous duck pond as sister and Mum look on. 

Everyone loves a good Dad shot where the kids are cracking up.  Also, doesn’t Dad have a seriously rocking hairdo?!

I love everything about this one.

The session was over.  We were headed back to our cars.  The camera was all but put away.  Then I see these three goofing off again and I nab this quick shot.  It is one of my all time favorites.

Oh H Family!  Thank you for such a wonderful time.  You are such a genuine family with lots of joy and love.  You are raising your three children to be smart, caring, compassionate, polite, and funny.  All the good things.  I consider myself lucky to know all of you.


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C Family – Reading MA – Irish Eyes Photography

When you start down a path with a passion that becomes your livlihood, it’s a slow rise.  First you test the waters a lot.  Then you gain momentum and confidence, finally allowing yourself to believe you might actually have carved out a place in this universe for yourself.  Strangers start to hire you.  More strangers hire you.  You can’t believe it but year after year clients are coming back – people are loving what you’re doing and you’re flabbergasted that this is happening and it’s going really well.  Yet with all that, I don’t think you’ve truly arrived until family reaches out and hires you to capture them.  It’s funny; they often say you shouldn’t work with family.  Well I’m here to say if your family is as awesome as mine is, you should go for it.

I received an email from my cousin (2nd cousin?  First cousin once removed?  Who knows.  She’s my mother’s first cousin and I love her) telling me she’d like to have her family portraits updated.  The boys had been children the last time they had them done, and with both now officially (almost officially?) men, she wanted something to capture this time before they headed off into the world and created their own homes with their own walls to cover with their own family portraits.  I loved this idea.  It’s so often a moment to be recognized and people always focus on family portraits when kids are younger.  What a great sense of time and an appreciation for it, my dear cousin had.  So, we scheduled the shoot to be held at their absolutely beautiful home in Reading MA.

It always made all of us laugh; these two boys and myself are the only redheads in the family and yet my red hair definitely comes from my father’s side and if I remember, no one really knows where their hair came from!  The grown ups used to have me hold them at parties so they could take pictures.  I loved it.  I think the boys were confused.  Hahaha.

Every year, my mother’s side of the family has a great big Christmas party.  It is often held at this particular cousin’s home.  The first year Mike (my husband) went, and he met everyone, we talked about the evening in the car ride home.  We both agreed that if we could have a marriage like my cousin and her husband here, we would be very happy.  They created a beautiful life together filled with laughter and love.  It’s just so lovely to see.

Laughter.  And jerseys.  Because why not.

My cousin’s home has an extension on it.  It is an in law apartment for my Great Aunt.  It’s equally as beautiful and equally filled with laughter and love (must be where my cousin learned it).  Aunt Jean simply had to be in a few of the pictures.  Not only because she is (and continues to be) a presence in everyone’s lives, but of the very real part of their family she is.

Gram, to her grandchildren. 

These portraits were taken in July.

Aunt Jean passed away a few weeks before Christmas.

Her light and love continues to burn brightly in all of us.

I am so happy to have had the chance to take these portraits.  I am so lucky to have known her.  She always made me feel thought of.  She always made me laugh.  I miss her but I know she lived her life in the best way possible.  If I want my marriage to be like my cousin’s, I want my life to be as full and happy as Aunt Jean’s.


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G Family – Cohasset Sailing Club – Irish Eyes Photography

It’s January as I write this.  It’s cold.  And we’ve surely got the toughest part of winter ahead before it gets better.  So let’s take a walk back to June of last year.  That’s when I photographed this lovely family at the Cohasset Sailing Club in Cohasset, MA.  It was a beautiful day.  I shot half the session from knee-deep in the ocean.  I remember thinking I should’ve brought my suit to go for a swim when I was done because the water was so lovely that day.  I’m sure I wouldn’t feel that way today, so let’s all imagine a warmer time shall we?  Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce the very fantastic G Family.

While we were there, the Club was undergoing some major improvements, so we were slightly limited in our backdrops.  Still, we managed to get some really great shots.  The Little Guy was a blast to work with.  Look at that big smile!

I’m always such a sucker for mommy-and-me shots.  Especially when Mum here had specifically said that she’s never in any photos because she’s always the one taking them.  So I love that we got some good ones for her.


This next image is one of our favorites.  Mum and Dad crouched down to talk to the Little Guy and Little Guy crouched down too, like he was one of the grown ups.  We all started cracking up and he just kept sitting there like it ain’t no thang.  It was adorable.

The view from the Club is simply gorgeous. 

Believe it or not, at the time of this shoot, Mum here was about 5 months (I think?) pregnant.  When I was pregnant with my second child, I looked 9 months pregnant almost immediately.  I had to ask Mum to put her hand on her belly for this shot to hint to the idea that she was pregnant.  Seeing this makes me excited to photograph Baby Sister sometime soon!


Another one of our favorites – Little Guy having FUN.  He saw me in the water and wanted in.  We had a ball splashing and goofing around.  That’s how I like all my sessions to go. 

It was such a great session! The G Family curated a beautiful heirloom album at their ordering session.  Along with a number of prints for their walls, desks, and family members, the album will always be there, ready to be opened and enjoyed.  I love when clients buy the album!  It’s so worth it to have these gorgeous memories ready and waiting for you to relive them again!

Thanks for the great day, G Family!  You guys are amazing!


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Brothers – Irish Eyes Photography – Weymouth MA

Here’s another throwback to last year.   I have no idea why this session wasn’t blogged before, but here we are!  I’m actually glad; this was a session that took place indoors and this is the perfect time of year to remind you that indoor sessions can be a TON of fun!  Even though the weather outside may be frightful, it’s still a great time to get your portraits done (a sentiment those of you who receive my newsletter have already heard).

These two handsome chaps came by the studio for some portraits.  The goal was to get a good amount of Younger Brother because he hadn’t yet had a formal portrait taken.  But we also nabbed some of Older Brother and some of them together as well.  These boys were SO SWEET and they (and their parents) were an absolute joy to work with.  Luckily for me, they felt the same way about the experience, so you’ll see them again when I post the Christmas Card Session highlights!

Irish Eyes Photography Z Family 2015-9639

They are SO.  CUTE.

Irish Eyes Photography Z Family 2015-9686Irish Eyes Photography Z Family 2015-9699

Baby rolls for DAAAAYYYYYS.  I just want to hug him.  Is he not the cutest?!!?!?Irish Eyes Photography Z Family 2015-9758

Teehee, I love this one below because you can totally see that thing babies do where they kick their feet straight out in a happy and giggly way.  He was loving life of that rug!Irish Eyes Photography Z Family 2015-9800-Edit

I just had to include this one of him knawing on his Irish Eyes Photography teething rattle.  100% natural and 100% safe, these rattles are adorable and go with any aesthetic.  And clearly, they taste fantastic.  All newborn clients get one (and even some of the teething ones too)!

Irish Eyes Photography Z Family 2015-9837

I love this one.  I love how they’re both smiling totally naturally, in a natural environment with natural colors around them.  It’s just a pleasing image to the eye, I think.

Irish Eyes Photography Z Family 2015-9971-Edit

This was so much fun!!!  Thank you so much for being a part of the Irish Eyes Photography family, Z family!  It was completely my pleasure!


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Superheroes! – Irish Eyes Photography – Weymouth MA

Last fall (!) I had Superhero sessions here at the studio.  For a while I had to hold off on posting highlights because many of these were gifts for parents or grandparents.  Then we got into Christmastime and it just got postponed.  I’m happy to finally share these!  There are still a few sessions from this event not included, but here are some highlights from the sessions I have permission to share from.  It was a lot of fun.

The idea behind these was to make the images simple and dramatic (hence the plain dark grey backdrop) but add in some comic effects to make it fun.  This was a new idea and I was challenging myself to try new things creatively.  Take a look at all the different outcomes and let me know what you think worked best.


I absolutely love this one of the two of them smiling.  Older brother has such a caring, sweet look on his face and Younger Brother looks so happy.  This demanded some sort of quote about brothers to me.  Thank goodness for Google.


Here’s the first example of one without comic book effects or wording.  I think the the images that speak for themselves have such a stronger impact.  What do you think?


Then again, there are images like these.  Superman here is making THE PERFECT face for this quote!  So, I’m torn.  With or without the over-lays?  What do you think?


Sometimes, even though the picture is for a Superhero session, it’s just too cute on its own.  I love this laugh.



Again, the perfect pose and expression for the quote.  This kid rocked it.  And for his “costume” his mum put on Batman pajamas, a generic mask, and took two capes she had sewn for a party favors and stuck them together (the capes were Batman/Spiderman reversible.  She put two together so Batman was always on the outside no matter what angle the photo was taken).  It was SUCH A COOL IDEA!  I might have to ask her to make a bunch of adorable capes for my own kids…



In the meantime, this kiddo took a series of awesome photos that created a really really fun collection for wall art.  Again, on their own without the overlays.  There were four or five different expressions…all really fun… and all really “him” according to his mum.  These were great fun.  He totally rocked this shoot.


I didn’t have the ability to do this for every client, but I tried it with Batman here for fun.  It’s silly and certainly no work of Photoshop Art, but it was fun to experiment.


Next we have the littlest one who stopped by.  His name is Ben (name used with permission) and his costume was handmade.  He was Super Ben!  Mum even drew abs and chest hair on him. Because…awesome.


Ben knows how to give a look.  THIS KILLS ME EVERY TIME.


And then this happened.


My last clients of the day were there to create some fun birthday gifts for their dad.  We took general Superhero shots, but these two are my favorites.  The white hat they are wearing belongs to their dad.  What a cool idea.  I love that their Mum thought of this.


LOOK at the expression on Little Brother above!!!  Melting.  I’m actually melting.

Meanwhile Big Brother proves that sometimes the candid shots of a boy being a boy can often be the best shots of all.


These sessions were so much fun!  They were definitely an interesting challenge for me.  When it comes to my own style, I really like the images on their own. But I sort of love the overlays on some of these as well.  It’s fun to try new things!

I don’t have plans to have a Superhero Event again but if you’re interested in Superhero Portraits, we can set one up just for you!



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Happy New Year!


Here’s to 2016!  2015 was pretty rad so I’m excited to see what 2016 brings.  I hope working with YOU is part of it.

I’ve been on vacation and enjoying time at home with my family for the holidays (a much needed break – thank you) and I’ll be returning this week.  I’ve got a lot to catch up on on this blog – Christmas sessions that had to wait until now to be shared, a couple of regular sessions, and, completely overdue, Superhero session highlights!  January is a quieter time for me, so I look forward to the chance to share my recent work with you all.

May 2016 be filled with new experiences, joy, wonder, and laughter. No hard to keep resolutions; just more happy.



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Halloween Mini Sessions 2015!


Well it was a banner year for the Halloween Mini Sessions!  I had almost SEVENTY characters drop by!  I hope everyone had fun.  I know I sure did.  Because of the amount of images, I’ve made a little slider for you to peruse them (one by one would take forever to load). Take a look at some of the hilarious fun we had (these go in order of who stopped by to give you an idea of where your kiddo might fall in the group):

Which character was your favorite?  I think for me, the Old Lady wins it this year.  I mean, she had a walker.  And her expression in the photo is as if you just interrupted her Sunday shopping as she picks our the perfect gourd.  I can’t deal.  Of course, they’re all amazing.  Everyone did such a great job and I LOVE the creativity that goes into these every year!

I love that this has become a tradition for so many of you.  It really makes me happy to hear that and to see you all each year.

Parents: your individual emails will start going out this evening.  As mentioned, there are nearly 70 of you, so please be patient.  Some may have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to go out.  If you haven’t heard from me in 48 hours, check back.

Thanks for a fantastic year everyone!  I will see some of you at the Christmas Mini Sessions!  (There are still some spots left for those of you who were interested).


p.s. Thanks to Coffee Break Cafe in Quincy for donating the coffee and cider!

Pumpkins purchased from Nihtila Farm in Holbrook

Hay, Mums, Corn Stalks purchased from Christopher’s Garden Shop in Weymouth.

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AB – Weymouth High Class of 2016 – Irish Eyes Photography

I’m here to share my final senior of 2015!  Let me introduce you to AB.  He’s got his eyes on MIT or Worcester Poly-Tech.  He’s also applying to UMASS Amherst.  Basically, his college plan is identical to my husband’s back when he was a senior.  Gotta love guys with big brains!


AB was the only person I’ve ever had check their cell phone while I was photographing them.  It was sort of amazing.


His eyes are so deep and when the light hits them right, they just pop.  Quite the handsome fella.


I love this next one.  I also love that he brought a suit jacket.  Classy.


AB and my cousin AH have been best friends since Kindergarten.  They scheduled their shoots one after another; taking a moment to get shots of them together to commemorate their friendship and journey.  I’ve got lots of fun shots of them being silly, of them posing and looking nice, but this is my absolute favorite.  It’s captures them on their journey – walking into their futures…together.  And doing it completely as themselves.  They had no idea I was snapping a picture.  I LOVE it.Irish-Eyes-Photography-2015-Seniors-A.B-16

AB it was a pleasure.  I can’t wait to see how you change the world someday.

To see the entire gallery, click here.  You’ll need the password which you can get from AB or a member of his family.


Thanks for a great year of senior portraits everyone!!!  I look forward to next year!  (Psst, book in the spring).


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HF – Weymouth High Class of 2016 – Irish Eyes Photography

This beautiful girl has a great sense of humor and a really fantastic personality.  We had never met before this shoot (as often happens) but by the end I felt like we were good friends.


The light at Webb Park was just gorgeous the night of our shoot.


As she changed into her last shirt option, I found out that Torrid is now open at the South Shore Plaza.  WHAT?! My favorite store is now close and I don’t have to drive an hour away to get to it?!?!  Mind blown.  Bank account blown.  Worth it.  🙂

Of course, I haven’t shopped there since having kids (can’t make an hour long trip and then go shopping for myself with kids in tow; their heads would explode) so I may have aged out.  Goodness I hope not.


Look at that confidence and that sassy pose!  I love it!  She rocked this session.

Irish-Eyes-Photography-2015-Seniors-H-131She and her mum also had perfect small nose rings.  I have wanted a nose ring for as long as I can remember.  A teeny tiny one that you barely notice.  I definitely think I’ve aged out of THAT adventure, but HF here and her mum are rocking theirs.  #jealous.

HF was awesome to work with!  She has some great things ahead of her and some really interesting paths to choose from.  I wish her the best with all the decisions she soon has to make and I can’t wait to see where her journey leads her.

To see the rest of her gallery, click here.  You’ll need the password which you can get from HF or her family.

Thanks again for a great shoot, HF!


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EC – Weymouth High Class of 2016 – Irish Eyes Photography

This next senior… oh my is she a beauty.   That insanely gorgeous hair – the blue blue eyes, and that full-bodied smile.  She’s a stunner and I don’t think she knows it.  It was my pleasure to meet and photograph Miss E.


We found a spot with these yellow flowers and I went nuts.  Consequently, these images were her mother’s favorite of the bunch.  The colors are just unreal!


(She’s smiling at her mum in the photo above.  I love that.)

There’s a scene in the movie Brave where Merida and her mum are in this cold, grey space full of ruins.  Everything is grey except the vivid red curly hair on Merida’s head.  It’s so wonderfully done it stops me every time I see it.  The photos from our time spent on these rocks reminds me very much of that scene.  Irish-Eyes-Photography-2015-Senior-E.C-88Irish-Eyes-Photography-2015-Senior-E.C-103

Isn’t she just adorable?!


Miss E. wants to be a doctor of physical therapy some day.  I think that’s an excellent aspiration.  Good luck in all that you do my friend!  And keep smiling that gorgeous smile!


To see the rest of the images from this session, click here.  You’ll need the password so be sure to ask Miss E. or a member of her family!

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AH – Weymouth High Class of 2016 – Irish Eyes Photography

This next fella is someone near and dear to my heart.  He’s my cousin, but he and his brother are more like brothers to me than they are cousins.  I shot senior portraits of his brother two years ago and now here we are with this guy.  I can’t believe it.


He’s got a hilarious sense of humor.  It’s understated and he waits for the right moment to hit you with a great one liner.  He listens to everything everyone is saying and has a very special heart.


He’s thoughtful.


He loves my kids and my kids love him.  He was one of the only people I’d let sit with their hands on my belly and wait to feel kicks – because he was genuinely interested.  He was careful and kind to them as infants and he is still so good to them in his quiet ways.  They’re going to grow up adoring him.  I love that.


He’s a hard nut to crack when it comes to getting a good picture of him smiling but I think I teased a few out of him.  🙂  It was great to take his portraits.  I can’t wait to see where he is in 10 years.  He’s so smart.  I feel like he can do anything he wants.


A – I love you!!!  Thanks for letting me take your senior pictures!

To see the rest of A’s gallery, click here.  You’ll need the password from him or a family member.


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The V Family – Irish Eyes Photography – Emery Estate Weymouth MA

It’s so funny to me that this is the second Emery Estate post in a row – and I’ve only shot up there 3 times!  It’s a gorgeous location here in Weymouth so  I’m sure it’ll be crawling with photographers soon enough – like Webb Park is these days.  It’s infested!  Hahah.

Once upon a time I met a very nice woman at storytime at the library.  A few weeks later, I got a request for family portraits from a friend of hers!  How amazing!  I’m very glad I talk to every person I meet because otherwise I wouldn’t have met and photographed this GORGEOUS family!   Four of the sweetest girls you’ve ever met – each with just the right amount of spunk and hilarity mixed with soft loveliness.  I don’t know how their parents do it with four little girls – but they’re not only doing it, they’re rocking it.  Well done, Mum and Dad.

Let’s take a look, shall we?Irish-Eyes-Photography-V-Family-2015-6273

This sweetheart would hit her limit every so often and so I’d call her over, whisper some secrets in her ear, and then she’d nod with a smile and take the best shots ever afterward.  My promises?  That she could RUN.  She’d run off giggling and then run back with the biggest smile on her face.  Worked every time.


So of course, I let every single one of them try the “run trick.”  It even works on eight year olds! Irish-Eyes-Photography-V-Family-2015-6309

I think this next friend of mine is wise beyond her years.  She was super sweet and funny and had this maturity about her – she’s an old soul.  Her parents might be reading this and thinking, “maturity?!” Hahaha.  To me, she absolutely felt like an old soul.


Last but certainly not least, this gorgeous baby girl.  Only 7 weeks old at the time of this shoot, she was a perfect angel the entire time.  Of course, with three older sisters running around, I’m sure she opts for calm within herself just to maintain balance.  She’s lovely.Irish-Eyes-Photography-V-Family-2015-6338-Edit

We managed to get a couple family shots with the parents as well.  I LOVE when parents jump in for a few shots!  The girls will look back on these and love to see how you looked when they “were little.”Irish-Eyes-Photography-V-Family-2015-6386

Emery Estate is so gorgeous.  Dad wanted to make sure we captured the mansion in our shoot so I did a pull back shot.  The glory of these is, no one really needs to be smiling or posing – as long as they just stand in their spot.  Kids love when they don’t have to pose!


V Family – it has been such a pleasure working with you!!!  I ADORE the images you chose at your ordering session last night and I can’t wait to get your prints to you!

To see the entire gallery from this session, click here.  It’s password protected so you’ll need to obtain the password from the V Family.


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DB – Weymouth High Class of 2016

Here’s another fella I’ve known for ages thanks to A Taste of Broadway and the Weymouth High Theatre Company.  I’ve also had the pleasure of shooting senior portraits for both of his sisters (his oldest sister was my first senior ever!).  This is another gent that just oozes charisma.  With a killer wit, great dance moves and a great voice, he shines on stage and off.  He’s the lead singer of the band Jump Start which was just featured on Mix 104.1.  He’s playing the lead role in Footloose at the High School (Nov 20-22nd).  He’s the Class President too!  I don’t know how he does it, but he’s doing it all and doing it all with a smile.  I hear naps help as well.  🙂

We had a blast during our shoot at Emery Estate here in Weymouth.  The sun was setting and it was a beautiful evening.  Take a look:



An extreme fan of The Notebook, DB realized we could recreate an iconic moment in the film since the Estate looks pretty darn similar.  So.  We did!


By the time we were done, the sun had set and the Supermoon was out!


DB you’ve got a great year ahead of you and I can’t wait to see what lies beyond.  Thanks for choosing me for your senior portraits.  It was so fun!

To see DB’s entire gallery, click here.  You’ll need to get the password from him or a family member.


This post is in memory of Alan Emery who passed away on Sept. 26th 2010. We happened to take these shots on September 26th 2015.  Thanks for letting us use your house, dude.

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MQ – Weymouth High Class of 2016

A handful of years back, while sitting at auditions for A Taste of Broadway (the summer camp/summer show that the Weymouth Alumni Theatre puts on through the Rec Department), I leaned over to someone and said, “who’s THAT kid???  He’s AWESOME!”

He stopped me in my tracks then, and he has continued to leave me in awe whenever I have the privilege of watching him radiate onstage.  With the most genuine personality and charm, a warm real smile, and simply fabulous energy, to be around MQ means you’re happy.

When his mum asked me to take his senior portraits, I believe I did a celebratory dance.  I knew it would be fun.  I knew he’d be great to photograph.  And I was right!Irish-Eyes-Photography-Q-Senior-2015-5787Irish-Eyes-Photography-Q-Senior-5654Irish-Eyes-Photography-Q-Senior-5718Irish-Eyes-Photography-Q-Senior-5723Irish-Eyes-Photography-Q-Senior-5767

MQ – I’m so glad to know you.  And I am so honored to have taken your senior pictures.  Thanks for all that you are and all the light you’ll keep bringing to this world.

To see MQ’s entire gallery, click here.  You’ll need a password and for that you’ll have to ask him or a family member.


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