A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing the C Family at Rexhame Beach in Marshfield.  We chased the sunset and laughed our way through the evening.  It was delightful.

These kids are the sweetest.  I let them direct the majority of the session and they ate it right up.  The best part is the parents got right in on the fun.  I love when the whole family just goes for it.

Nothing like a real, genuine smile is there?

Of course, there’s nothing like a dab either.

C Family, thank you so much for all the great laughs!  I had an incredible time working with you and I CAN’T WAIT to see your new beautiful wall art in your sunroom, dining room, and stairway.  I’m especially excited for the sunroom canvas gallery!  It’s going to look SO GOOD!

To see more of my work with families, click here.

If you’re interested in booking your own family portraits, I would love to hear from you! 



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Go solo or bring a bunch of your friends and show off that dress you said ‘yes’ to.  Get gorgeous portraits to match how gorgeous you feel in your special dress.  Prom is SUCH a big moment in a person’s life; let’s celebrate it and make the moment last even longer!

With my Senior Portrait clientele expanding every year, I wanted to offer something extra special for high schoolers.  I thought long and hard about what would’ve appealed to me in high school and I immediately thought of my junior prom dress.  I LOVED that dress!  Having a session JUST for me to slay in my awesome prom dress?!  Yes please!  And so this newest offering was born. I sent out a model call for a group of girlfriends who were interested in showing off their dresses and having a ton of fun and I hit the jackpot with these five divas.  We shot these back in late Spring; it was chilly but these girls didn’t care.  It was fantastic.  And the blossoms in the background certainly helped set a gorgeous scene!

When you book your session you’ll feel like a model – because that’s exactly what you’ll be.

Show off the fierce side of your group – and the silly – and have a ton of fun in between.

What people are saying about Rock the Prom Dress sessions:

“This was my first actual photo shoot and the bar has been set pretty high. This was so much fun with all my girlfriends and being all dressed up in our prom attire. The session was so chill and for sure we could be ourselves and go crazy. Kerry made all of us feel so comfortable with what we were doing. Once the shoot was over, it was sad because we had just had so much fun but we knew to be excited for when the pictures would be ready! When the date was picked for the viewing party the girls and I were just beyond excited to see them. We all went [to our ordering session] and started to look at the amazing pictures and not one picture wasn’t commented on. They were amazing!!!! Choosing which ones we wanted was so hard because they all came out flawlessly. Overall this experience was just so much fun to be with friends and get to show off our prom gowns one more time!” – Angie P., model

“The Prom Dress Session was a fantastic idea. Everyone has a standard photo in your prom dress with your date but to have professional photos in your prom dress with your best friends-priceless! The girls had such a wonderful time on this photo shoot and the moms certainly loved viewing all the photos. Picking one was very difficult. This was great fun and a wonderful opportunity for high school friends. Thanks so much” – Deb R., mother of one of the models.

Contact me today to book yours.


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Irish Eyes Photography’s new location is right on the parade route for the Hingham Fourth of July Parade.  It’s the perfect (shaded!) spot to hang out, have a few laughs, and enjoy one of the best parades the commonwealth has to offer.

We spent the morning watching some seriously amazing floats and groups go by and enjoyed a “Star Spangled Salute” to all that the town has to offer.  It was the perfect kick-off to my becoming a part of Downtown Hingham – joy, kindness, and neighborly goodwill were the themes of the day – all things I connect to my brand.  Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Businesses and groups are always looking for catchy (watch out; that’s a pun) ways to stand out in a parade.  I thought the Hingham Vintage Baseball Team got it right with the simplest and yet most fantastic way to connect with fans; playing catch with the parade goers.  Brilliant!

Hingham is home to many champions – it was great to see all the teams go by and share their joy.

The Company Theatre does such great work for the Arts in the area.  I myself can’t wait to go see Heathers.  Get your tickets – they’re selling out fast!

I am new to the town so I don’t know the local stories yet – but if that girl is on the wrestling team, she’s my hero.

They stuck a canoe on a truck and had the end of it sticking out.  I have no idea why this was so impressive to me but it was.  And that little one looks like a queen up there.

So many beautiful smiles on that beautiful day.  For a look at all the images I took (and to see if you’re in the gallery!) click here. 

For those of you new to Irish Eyes Photography, I’ve been in business for almost ten years based out of a studio in my home in Weymouth.  I am a portrait photographer specializing in families, seniors, and newborns.  Lifestyle photography is my favorite brand of photography but I also love some fun posing!  My slogan is “from birth to beyond.”  Almost all of my clients stay with me through all the moments of their lives and they become like family to me.  I am all about capturing real life and how beautiful you are in just being yourself.  It’s about joy.  It’s about being real.  It’s about the fun!

I had been waiting for the perfect place to set myself down in a commercial spot and boy did I find a diamond!  The new location is at 82 North Street in Downtown Hingham and is officially “soft open.”  There will be a Grand Opening on August 26th – save the date, follow me on Facebook, and subscribe to my newsletter by filling the form below for more information on the event as it gets announced.  I can’t wait to show you all I have to offer!



*all of the images above and in the gallery are subject to Copyright Laws.  Feel free to share these images but please do not crop, alter, or remove the logo in any way.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! I’ll be happy to help.  If you’re sharing these images, tagging Irish Eyes Photography would be greatly appreciated.

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