What People Are Saying about Irish Eyes Photography

For every kind word said about my work, I am deeply humbled.  I am so lucky to have the job that I do, and to work with the amazing clients I get to work with.  If you’ve worked with me before and you would like to leave a review, you can visit this page to do so (anonymously or not).  Here are some of the wonderful things past clients have had to say about their experience working with me:


“I just wanted to say thank you. I know my wife submitted a response via the survey but I just wanted to extend my own as well. I thought you went above and beyond in terms of communication and making sure that everything went smoothly (and of course, taking amazing photos to boot!). We have worked with many photographers, from engagement photos to wedding photos to first pictures of our oldest son but I thought you were the best and easiest to work with. I know my wife really appreciated it and looks very favorably on our experience with you and so do I.” – T.Z., family session client (father)

“It was a pleasure working with you! You answered all of our questions and concerns promptly and enthusiastically. We are thrilled with the pictures, and we thought the prices were reasonable so that we are able to share them with family and friends.  I wouldn’t change a thing about this experience!” – L.Z., family session client (mother)

“Kerry, beautiful photo shoot on such a meaningful occasion. I am sitting with my coffee this morning viewing these photos and they really touched me. I cried at the joy of the moment. Which means that you caught that in your photography. Great job.” -D.B., aunt of a client

“Love them all!!!  You do such fabulous work!! And completely captured the kids personalities.  You are going to make [choosing] very hard!!” -N.O., family session client

“I wanted to pass along a compliment to you and your photography skills.  Countless numbers of my friends and family said the photographs on my Christmas card and my daughter’s were the best they had ever received. Many people said that my daughter’s card looked like a photograph you would find in a frame when you purchase it.  The perfect picture of the ultimate family moment.  You have quite a talent.”  -R.H., mother/grandmother of a family session client

“Just wanted to let you know that the welcome package that you put together for us is quite impressive!  Thank you!  Can’t wait!” -K.G., family session client (prior to the session!)
“Saturday was fun.. Not as awkward at all like I thought it might be!  Just  thinking back to our engagement photos [with a different photographer] (those felt awkward for some reason!) Thanks again Kerry!” -K.G., family session client (after the session!)



“Kerry, thanks so much! I think this has definitely become a tradition for us. Another great photo. See you next year (if we don’t see you sooner for other photos!)” -L.W., returning Halloween mini session client

“You do amazing work! I absolutely love my pictures! Thank you so much Kerry!” -J.H., Christmas mini session client

“Thank you so much for relieving my stress when we started the session. My 3 yr old left the house stating “I am not getting my picture taken.” My blood pressure was starting to climb. Then he falls asleep in the car. I was thinking this is the end. He will wake up, after a short drive, being more miserable. Not sure how that would be possible but with kids anything is possible. Kerry you broke through to him. He was smiling and laughing. My blood pressure was finally coming down.  Everything was great! ” -D.Z., Christmas mini session client

“Thank you! I am so happy with how this picture turned out. The boys look adorable and it’s just perfect!” -L.W., Halloween mini session client

“Thanks for your awesome attitude working with [our daughter]/trying to get her to crack 🙂 All of the pics came out so cute! We had fun!”  -L.M., Halloween mini session client

“You are possibly one of nicest people I have ever met, so I’d definitely recommend you for your professionalism and how easy you are to work with.  You were truly a pleasure to work with and we enjoyed meeting you!” -M.L., Christmas mini session client

“Thanks so much for being sooo unbelievable quick with everything. Again, the pictures are amazing, we are SO happy with them.” – R.M., bride
“We love you so much, Kerry!  Scrimdabluficent.  I had to make up a word!  Wow, Kerry. We couldn’t have asked for more. We talked last night about how you captured the love so perfectly, because you were such an important piece of that love. I mean, we just kept telling each other, “I love you!” WE LOVE YOU, KERRY. Amazing. Scrimdabluficent.” -J.B.S., groom
I am so impressed with this photographer. She has captured so completely the love and joy in every photo.” -K.R., groom’s aunt
“Kerry Railey is a genius,” -D.H., wedding attendee/client


“Just wanted to let you know that my son had a great experience with you yesterday at the photo shoot.”  -L.S., mother of a high school senior

“Loved all the pictures, [Kerry was] so easy to work with. My daughter is extremely shy but was very comfortable working with Kerry.” -T.Z., mother of a high school senior


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