Oldies but Goodies – One Year Old Ava.

One feature of the new website is a re-visit to photoshoots from the early days of Irish Eyes Photography.  Every so often, we’ll get to take a look back at where we first came from, and hopefully how we’ve grown since then too!

Looking back on these photos now, it’s funny to see Ava looking so little!  I’ll be posting her Two Year Photos right after this… and these days she’s got lots to say and a hilarious outlook on life.  She may not have been talking as much during this shoot but she still had a larger than life personality.  And that’s exactly why I love shooting her portraits year after year!

One thing I loved most about this shoot?  It happened to be the first time Ava discovered sand… and it was a wonder to watch!  (This shot happened promptly before she ate that handful of sand!)

It cracks me up when kids just let their tongues wag.

Such a character!

I don’t know why, but I love this one so much.

Precious!  We shot these photos at Dorchester Heights and Carson Beach in South Boston, MA.  Both excellent locations for city folk looking for something more natural without going too far.


She was enthralled by her unfamiliar surroundings.

You’d never know the concrete city was only yards away.


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