Rosie Mae is Five Months Old!

Every month, I take a photo of my daughter sitting in her Uncle Chris’ childhood rocking chair.  Here is her five month photo…

I’m posting this today on her birthday.  By some miracle, I was able to take the photo today, write up the facts about her month, and put this post together.  It’s a miracle because she had a really rough time teething today so I was worried I would barely get a decent picture!  Turns out she surprised me on all accounts.  I had the hardest time picking the photo this month because, little star that she is, she ignored her painful gums and put on a great big grin for the photoshoot.  Tell me —

Mike and I chose the one we did because the tongue sticking out is hilarious, but also, she looks so relaxed with her arm on the rocking chair!  Relaxed and regal.  I am still amazed I got such great shots; she was so sad all morning.  What a trooper.

And, in our monthly-photo fashion, here’s a look back at the past photos to see how much she’s grown.

Time.  Is.  Flying.

Happy birthday, Rosie Mae.  You are so deeply loved.


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