Halloween Portrait Mini {Mini} Sessions!

Some of you may remember the Halloween Photo Contest of last year.   For those of you who don’t, people entered a contest to win a free Christmas Session with Christmas Cards by dropping by in costume to have their photo taken.  Each contestant had one entry and the contestant who got enough “likes” on Facebook won the prize.  It had a wonderful turn out and it was such an exciting event to host.

This year, instead of having a contest, I decided Christmas Mini Sessions would be more fun and more accessible for most people.  (Info on that coming very soon!)  Still, I was sad that the Halloween Contest wouldn’t happen.

Then I thought, “why make it a contest?!  Let’s just have some fun!”  So, here we are, with Halloween Portrait Mini {Mini} Sessions!  It’s such a quick process it deserves an extra “mini!”

Here’s the flyer:

Further details:

  • It should take about 10 minutes for you to stop in, sign up, have your photo snapped, get a treat (it is Halloween after all) and be on your merry way.  I’ll be in touch with your digital file soon after!   It’s so simple, why NOT stop by?!
  • Cash, checks, or credit card accepted.  Yes, even American Express!
  • Children of ALL ages can pose for their picture.  The only requirement (besides the ten buckaroo’s of course), is that you have to be in costume.
  • The price is PER IMAGE.  If you want your twins in the same photo, you only need pay one fee.  If you want them to each have their own photo, then you have to pay per image.
  • You’ll get one digital file to print and frame or scrapbook or send to grandparents.  The file is yours to do with as you wish.  Your photo will also be posted here on the blog and in an album on Facebook.  I ask if you share your photo on any social media sites (Facebook, blogs, etc) that you use the one with my watermark on it.  This will help me gain even more fabulous clients.  Once they see your cute little ghoul or goblin, maybe your friends will want to get in touch.
  • If you want a professional print of your photo, just get in touch and let me know.  Print prices are, as always, reasonably priced here at Irish Eyes Photography.
  • I will also be offering Halloween Cards for anyone interested.  I know it’s rare, but some people do love to send a Happy Halloween photo card to their loved ones.  If you want one with your image on it, I’m happy to make one for ya.
  • If you do NOT want me to offer your little one a Halloween treat, let me know beforehand so I don’t tempt them with something you forbid. 🙂

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.  It would be great if you could ask them either in the comments here or on Facebook so that if someone else has the same question, I can answer it for all to see. 🙂

If you plan to drop by, I would love it if you could let me know so I can have an idea of how many people to expect. Not a big deal though; this is a laid back, just-for-fun event.

I CANNOT wait to see this year’s costumes.  I’m so excited!



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