Birth Announcements

Did you know that Irish Eyes Photography offers more than the portraits you’ve come to know and love?  It’s a one stop shop for pictures AND the special cards you want those pictures FOR.

What am I talking about?  Well, in this example, Birth Announcements!

When I overheard Baby L’s mum talking about birth announcements, I thought I’d show her a few options that she could get right here through Irish Eyes Photography.  I love my clients… they become like family to me.  And, since I know how hectic it is to try to get birth announcements out (ahem… I never sent mine for Rosie Mae… whoops!), I figure I’ll make it easier for my dear clients by offering them right here.  That’s what I’d do for my family, right???

When ordering a designed card through Irish Eyes Photography, you can tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll go from there.  Baby L’s mum had no idea I was doing this, so the following examples are just my having some fun.  The info is incorrect (i.e. parents names/etc) and the colors and fonts were just a base to work off of; these details can all be changed to suite Baby L’s parents’ tastes.

Without further ado, here are the examples I played with:






Going through Irish Eyes Photography for your holiday cards, birthday invitations, birth announcements (etc, etc, etc), guarantees excellent quality that you’ll feel proud of as you send your correspondence.  Though I never got around to sending Rosie Mae’s announcement, I DID send out my own design for her Thank You cards and, if I may say so, people are still talking about them.  It’s a great feeling.  Let me do that for you.


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