Matt – A secondary photoshoot

As I mentioned in the “official” post about Matt’s senior portraits, we had done everything we could to ensure use of the high school stage…. and arrived to find out there was a meeting being held in there.  Oy! Instead of sitting around and waiting for what would have seemed like an eternity, we used the extra time to have some fun.  Matt and I walked down the hall and created a little “school days” shoot.  What started out as a time killer turned out to be a lot of fun and resulted in some great shots too!

I love theatre students because I can say, “act bored” and they nail it.Then I can ask them to act like they’re giving an elightened lecture… and they nail that too!!  I love how engaging Matt looks here.  I’d totally take his class.  I bet it’s really fun.Time killing shoots aren’t just for goofing off, though.  Even though Matt wasn’t looking for shots around the school, we utilized the colorful lockers and did some real posing as well.  I happen to really enjoy how they came out. I think this was definitely a case of making lemonade when life handed us lemons.  It all worked out and we got to have a bit of fun, too!


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