Matt – Weymouth High School Class of 2013

Today we have yet another senior from Weymouth High! (Can you tell it’s that time of year???)(Can you also tell I’m having way too much fun introducing all my seniors with fun graphics on their header photos??!?!  LOL… you’d think I have too much time on my hands which is hilarious because I couldn’t be busier if I tried.  Still, it’s fun so that’s why I do it.)


When Matt’s mom contacted me for photos, I was super excited.  Reason #1 was because I get very excited for new clients.  Reason #2 was because Matt is a fellow thespian (that’s “theatre person” for those of you scratching your head right now) and wanted his senior portraits to be taken on the high school stage.


So, we met at Weymouth High and, after waiting for the auditorium to be free (more on that in a follow up post), we got to play onstage with fun lighting and fancy clothes.

Check it out.

There were so many fun and different shots from Matt’s session that picking some for the blog was really hard.  So, to keep this post from being WAAAY too long, I decided to just pick my favorites for his yearbook photo.  Because the yearbook committee has specifics for what they want, each senior’s session with me includes lots of fun and creative posing, as well as the generic (yet still eye catching) head-and-shoulder headshot.  Here are some of my favorites for Matt:And, I am throwing this one in too, because I enjoy the spotlight on his adorable (and well dressed) self.I’ll be back with more of Matt in a separate post, but you can also mark your calendars to see him in the Weymouth High School Theatre Company’s production of The Wiz.   I hear he’s a mean old lion…


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