Christmas Mini Session #8 – A Pair of Cuties

Today we have another new family to show off — and one who chose a different backdrop!  Hooray!  😉  How adorable are they?!  They were a little shy at first but thanks to the insane amount of stuff to play with, and my terrible humor, we got some smiles after a while.  Everyone loves mini Christmas trees. This is probably my most favorite.  I love that their expressions are filled with… well… joy!  🙂  Also, Sister is rocking some awesome nail polish.

Even though she’s older, Sister got tied up…

…and a little beat up too!

Their mother was supposed to come with them but had something come up and didn’t want to cancel the shoot.  Luckily, a friend of hers (who also did a mini shoot with me) offered to bring them by the studio.  Not only was this friend good enough to bring the kids by, but she had this brilliant idea to bring the Hulk hands as a prop!  This was to completely surprise their mother when I sent the gallery link.  She’d open the page to see lots of joyous Christmas photos and… Hulk hands?!  LOL.  I hear the surprise went well and Mom got a good laugh.  I love this kind of stuff!

We headed outside for some shots and I love how Brother just wrapped his arm around Sister for these.  It was so sweet and undirected.  Sister was a little hesitant.  I guess boys (or brothers) have cooties right now.  But, she warmed up after a moment or two.  Meanwhile, Brother just kept on hugging her in the sweetest, non-antagonistic way.  It was adorable.  I totally understand, Sister.  My brother usually had cooties too.

And of course, especially when their friends had already told them about the glitter, we just HAD to play.  They seriously rocked the task!  Look at how well that glitter is falling!  Perfect!I didn’t get to meet Mom until she came to pick up her Christmas card order.  I was so happy she was pleased with the pictures and that she hopes to do a family shoot sometime.  I would love that!  I wonder if I’ll have to work glitter into that shoot too…


Tomorrow:  two brothers and a special guest.

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