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Hold on to your hats (owl or otherwise) folks; I have a seriously stunning girl to share with you.  Two weeks old and perfect.  Sweet as anything.  I was quite smitten with this little one.  Just check out this little sleepy smile…I know, I know, it’s sort of hard to see the smile in all its glory from the angle of that photo.  Here, let me help you see the cuteness…I mean, come on.  Melting.  I’m actually melting here.

Baby E is all sugar and spice and everything else that makes a little girl nice.  She and her parents are new clients of mine and I have to say, I think I adore her parents just as much as I do her!  It is so wonderful when a couple comes by the studio and as soon as you meet them you know they’re ‘just right’ for you.  This duo has been together for fourteen years.  They compliment each other very well with ease, grace, and humor.  And they are both adorably infatuated with Baby E.  They are a wonderful family.  If you saw them at a supermarket or out for a walk, you’d have to quietly smile as you passed by – they are one of those families that make you do that.  They’re just the right amount of sweet.  And they’re Oh.  So.  Happy.  I love seeing that.  Love it.

Okay okay, I know, I gush too much about my clients.  On to some more of Baby E.

Some people bring their babies by the studio and rely on what I have on hand to use as backdrops, hats, etc etc etc.  And this is great – I encourage people to do what makes them comfortable.  Others know exactly what they want and bring all the tools necessary to achieve their vision.  Visions are important and I try my hardest to make them come true for my clients.  If you have an idea – let me know and we’ll make it happen.  Baby E’s parents had some AWESOME ideas – and I’ll wager these are the ones that they’ll truly treasure forever.

Vision #1:  Baby E’s Mum is a culinary artist.  Her dear friend bought Baby E this adorable (though, sadly, way to big) hat for this shoot.  Mum’s vision?  Why not surround their little adorable cupcakes with… cupcakes?!  So.  Sweet.

And not to worry about the hat – I will gladly do another photo shoot when it fits!  I can just see her, able to sit up, covered in flour and frosting with a mixing spoon in her hand.

Also worth noting – the blanket she’s laying on was made by her grandmother.  It’s gorgeous.  Baby E is surrounded by so much love.

Vision #2 (and possibly the most original newborn photography idea out there):  Her Dad loves playing Call of Duty.  Mum had the onesie hanging in the back made on Etsy.  Since it was too big, she wasn’t sure if it would work for the photo shoot.  I suggested a laundry line and the rest just fell into place.  Side note: I may have had too much fun setting up the little army men.

She totally rested her foot on the controller herself.  I love this kid.

So, Baby E’s fan club, consider yourself teased!  There’s lots more to come and I’ll share them after their in-person order session in a couple weeks.

I can’t wait to get back to editing this gallery; looking at this sweet face all day is not a bad job.  Not bad at all.  🙂


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