Backdrops for this year’s Christmas Mini Sessions

If you’re signed up for (or thinking about signing up for) a Christmas Mini Session, then you’ve got great interest in this post.  Plan ahead and let me know the backdrop you wish to use this year so I can have it ready for you and we can make the most of your time with me.  Let’s first recap last year’s options that are still available before we get to the new ones.  There are new props too!

1.  Plain White.  Classic and goes with everything.  🙂

2. The most popular option last year:  The starry sky.   And yes, the strand of colored Christmas lights is back again this year too!Here’s the starry sky with a family to give you an idea of a full family shot.  I LOVE that this family opted to do theirs in Christmas PJ’s!  Both of these options also show off the brick flooring option.3. The giant pine tree backdrop, and the J-O-Y letters.  Both fun. Here’s the pine tree backdrop from a different P.O.V. (giant acorn is higher up so you can’t see it).  It’s really lovely as a hint of Christmas without being to extreme.Among all the other props from last year, yes, the #1 most popular option will be back in action:  GLITTER SNOW!  Each and every kid went nuts over this.   Your kids will have a ball!

New options this year (though old options within the studio) are:

4. The green tile.  I love this one.  Would look great on a card with a white background.

5.  White washed wood.  This, and all the other wood options you’ll see are available as floors to go with your backdrop choice as well (Truth is they’re supposed to be floors but I really like them as backdrops, too).6. Matte large planked brown wood.   Awesome general backdrop.  Looks amazing with Christmas colors.  This particular option is smaller than the other backdrops so I would only suggest it for little ones.  Don’t worry; there’s a similar option below.Now onto the new options!  I really like this year’s batch of backdrops.  To show you how they’d look with a kid in front of them, I asked Rosie Mae to model for me.  Thankfully she obliged.  🙂

7. Winter wonderland.  Bright, understated, lovely.  You could do this one with overcoats on to make it seem like the kids are outside, or go for just being in a cute outfit, realism be damned!  Hahaha.

I also have an array of rugs and blankets for your babies to sit on in case the vinyl floor isn’t comfortable enough for their sensitive selves.  8.  White tile.  I LOVE this one.  Not only will it look great on just about every Christmas Card option, but you can totally print these as portraits having nothing to do with Christmas!  You’ll see in this photo I also have a cozy grey ottoman for kids to sit on, lean on, or just enjoy.  It goes with every backdrop.  Rosie Mae had a ball posing with it.  ….There are new props this year, but someone did not understand how to use ’em.  This is the problem I run into when I’m the only person in the room with my toddler model; no adult to show her (in real time) how to hold up her prop.  Hahaha.  Her face cracks me up.  “Is this right?  Mumma?  I don’t think it is…”  So, you’ll just have to wait and see what the new props are.  9.  New Wooden Wall.  This is the larger version I mentioned above.   With all wooden walls, planks can go vertically or horizontally.  Your choice.  Horizontal planks might limit the height of the backdrop so for taller kids, I would suggest a vertical look like you see here. Same backdrop with the ottoman and the rug.   And that face.  I swear I never pose her.  She’s a willful 18 month old; I couldn’t if I tried!  As cute and posed as this looks, in reality, I clearly said something she’s judging me for.  Such is life.  10.  Basic green backdrop.  I was losing Rosie Mae by this point, so I pulled out a dining room chair to try to get a few more minutes out of her.  It doesn’t really suit the backdrop but it worked for a minute.  Also, the backdrop will be hanging properly for you; this was a desperate attempt to get the last drop up before she was done with me.  You’ll see it’s a little droopy here and there.  It won’t be for you.  🙂11/12.  Blue Chevron/Blue and Grey Wood Floor.  Totally unexpected for Christmas but I LOVE IT!  It pops and gives off such a fun vibe!  You could do a more relaxed wardrobe with this one; jeans and sweaters would look great!  This would really look incredible with some of the more understated card options.  So, there ya go.  Let me know which one you’d like to use for your session and I’ll have it ready when you arrive.

Still want to see more before you book your appointment?  Check out the Holiday Category of my portfolio.  You can see all the Mini Session features from last year.  We all had a blast.

And, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Holiday Card Catalog!

Now… if you’re hoping to book an appointment, do so ASAP!  We’re only a little over a week away.  I can’t wait to see you or your kids in front of one of these backdrops!


p.s. Last year, we went outside for some options.  While I’m hoping to do the same this year, it may be the weather won’t cooperate.  So, please pick out the indoor backdrop you’d like and if we can make it outside, great!

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