Halloween Mini Sessions!

The Halloween Mini Sessions were a great success!  Thank you to everyone who came out for the event.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.  I’ll be emailing you your digital file starting this afternoon; since there was a great number of you and each email has to be sent individually, it might take me some time but I promise they’ll be on their way starting around 2PM (AKA during my daughter’s nap).  For now, here are your shots so you can at least see them and share this page with friends.  These are in chronological order.  Let’s all sit back, relax, and ooh and aah over all these adorable cherubs!

First up, Rosie the Riveter stopped by to remind me to give candy to all who visited.

Next we have our first Witch of the day and the most adorable Octopus I think I’ve ever seen.  What’s even cuter is these two were SO EXCITED about their costumes and posing, which made it all the more fun.This Scary Spider has been to all three Halloween Mini Session events.  I can’t believe how much she’s grown up!  She was hilarious!The scary spider recently acquired a sister.  The cutest little Cat I ever did see. Princesses!  I felt honored to have such royalty stop by my humble little setup.  Even Ariel stopped by.  She braved being out of the water just long enough to get this shot.  This little Bumblebee was absolutely hilarious.  She refused to smile… yet she wanted to so badly.  Look at her eyes; she is totally trying to stifle a big huge grin.  She was cracking everyone up!  I told her mom that, even though it’s probably hard to deal with now, her amazingly strong will will be a good thing one day!  She might be my little bumblebee hero.Our first Ladybug of the day!  So cute!  Look at those eyes!  Stunning.  I had a lot of bugs stop by the event.  Luckily they were all adorable!Like this dashing young Spider.  I love how he’s just like, “oh hey, what’s up?”

And then.  We have The Ghostbuster.  Complete…with props.  See if you can find all the awesome details her mom (and grandmother) thought of for this shoot.  Some of those items are vintage toys from when the movie first came out.  Seriously.  So impressive.It’s The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood!  (Her hood was at the cleaners that day).  These two were SO AWESOME to go for a fun pose for me.  I love this shot!This sleeping Turtle is three months old.  I would like to applaud his mom for getting him to fall asleep with all the costumed kids running around so she could get the shot exactly how she wanted.  I just wanted to cuddle him the whole time.  The Ghostbuster did a quick change and returned as a Strawberry.  No props this time; just her immense cuteness.  She is too much.The cuddliest Lion and Duck you ever did see!  All these stuffed costumes make me want one.  They look so warm and cuddly!  And aren’t these two and their gorgeous blue eyes just too much!?Two more Witches!  I am totally digging their fun, bright take on what it means to be a witch.  These girls were so sweet.  Thing One and Thing Two.  Thing One wasn’t so sure about the crazy lady with the camera…Batman and Robin!  I felt safer knowing these two good guys were around.  The beefy Batman suit is hilarious!  Love it.Hehehehe.  This crazy Witch totally went for it when I asked her to look wicked.  Love it!  Love her!The happiest Firefighter I ever did see.  I know this next one is hard to find, since he blends in with all the other Pumpkins, but if you look hard enough you’ll see his handsome grin…The handsome Pumpkin actually had a brother with him, but he was so in character as a Gnome that I could barely get a shot of him.  Here he is stealing a pumpkin.  Thankfully, it wasn’t his brother.I hear this little Ladybug doesn’t like to smile for the camera.   Maybe we need to show her this photo because her smile.. and those DIMPLES?!  Awesome!!!  She is too cute for words!Last year she was the duck that became the advertisement for this year.  Apparently not wanting to be typecast as adorable for the rest of her life, she went for a SHARK this time!  Sorry kid, you’re still the cutest shark I’ve ever seen!This little Harvest Queen was too much with her bell bottoms and big huge bow.  And just look at that smile and her gorgeous eyes!  What a happy note to end a fabulous day on. 

Once again, thank you to all who stopped by for the Halloween Mini Session Event.  I hope you’ll stop by in all the years to come as well!  Many of you showed great interest in the Christmas Mini Sessions.  If you’re still thinking of signing up, you’ve only got a few days left.  I would LOVE to see you all again.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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