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One of the features I’ll be running on the blog while I’m on maternity leave is called “Why I Love This Photo.”  Guest writers submit their favorite photos and the stories behind them.  Anyone can submit a photo and story – it’s a fun way to appreciate photography and what makes it so important.  So feel free to send your story to me at kerryrailey@gmail.com.  I can’t wait to hear it. 

Today, we get to hear from Bethany Gummow – co-founder of  Your Family Nest.  Bethany is part two of our Your Family Nest-Fest! (I giggle every time I write that).  Check out her co-founder Lindsay’s story from last week here, and check back for their third co-founder Susan’s story next week!

Here is a shot of all three co-founders and their families:

Your-Family-Nest-Featured-On-Irish-Eyes-Photography-Why-I-Love-This-PhotoPhoto credit: Hike Photography.  Used with permission.

Bethany is the lovely lady in the middle and that’s her gorgeous family with her.  Let’s get to know her, shall we?

Full name: Bethany Gummow
Ages of children: Lucy, 7  Charlotte, 6  Brody, 5  Minnie, 4
My age: 34
Town I live in: North Falmouth, MA
Fun facts about myself:
1) I love crafting, live for Pinterest & actually do most of the crafts I have pinned! The recipes I’ve pinned, well that’s another story! Those are on my long “to do” list, along with organizing my walk-in closet by color & refinishing the collection of dressers in my basement!
2) I live for my family! I know that’s a total cliche, but I really & truly do! There isn’t anything I won’t do for them & when my children are older, I hope that most of their childhood memories include me in them! Being a stay at home mom since my first, Lucy, was born almost 8 years ago, my husband & I have sacrificed a lot, from vacations to new tvs & the latest gadgets. But we always have fun & love going on mini-vacations with our kids!
3) Which leads me to my last fun fact…I love staying in hotels with my family! I have a strange love for hotel rooms & indoor pools & continental breakfasts! We recently went to Niagara Falls, NY & when we checked in, they upgraded us from a regular 2 bed room to a 3 room suite, complete with kitchen, bunk beds, living room & master suite! Well talk about a dream come true! And for Thanksgiving we escaped to Boston & stayed at a hotel with an amazing indoor pool with a climbing wall, basketball court, & “dive in movies”! Oh, & a free continental breakfast! Yes, total heaven for me! Can’t explain why, but I love hotels & it has rubbed off on my children, who are hotel enthusiasts as well!

Business Description:  Your Family, LLC was started by 3 moms who love all things pregnancy, labor/delivery, and bringing baby home.  We love helping families transition to life with a newborn and are personal pregnancy concierges.
Started in October of 2012, Your Family LLC has been a labor of love.  Our combined desire to nurture families transitioning to life with a newborn is quite incredible.  We all had profound experiences being pregnant, laboring and delivering, and raising our young children that we couldn’t help creating Your Family.  We want to support, guide, and share laughs with our “families” and create lasting relationships.  Our care has no end.  We will join a family at any point in their parenting journey and stick with them as long as they like.
Our website is fun and always being updated!  www.yourfamilynest.com

Our Facebook page is another great way to get to know ‘the family”: http://facebook.com/yourfamilynest

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/yourfamily3

Bethany shared a photo I really and truly love.  Check it out:


Here’s what she has to say about it:

In this picture, my kids were having one of those days when they couldn’t go five minutes without one of them crying/yelling/pushing/arguing/teasing the other one.  Then comes a moment that stops every parent’s heart…SILENCE! Then giggles break the silence & I find my 4 little monkeys sitting on the couch, side by side, looking so loving & cute! Lucy, the oldest & self-proclaimed “other mommy,” had written jokes & riddles on pieces of paper & put them into a large glass jar. They would each choose one, she would read it & they would have to solve it. This silly game kept the peace for a whole 20 minutes that afternoon, which felt like an eternity! And they were soon back at their “lets see who can be the loudest child in the family” routine. But that 20 minutes of sibling togetherness filled my heart up enough to get me through the rest of the day with a smile & an extra dose of patience! It’s the little things that get us through the day!
Bethany took this shot herself.   This is truly a candid beauty.  And I love that she decided to make it black and white.  It adds to the “stillness” of this wonderful moment.  Moment –  that’s exactly why this photo is so great.  Just a moment in time.  Nothing grand, nothing planned.  Toys on the floor in the background; children plopped on a comfy couch, sunlight streaming in through the window; it’s perfect.  What a great capture and what a great story.  Thank you so much Bethany!!!

Come back next week for another guest blogger and why they love their photo!  And if you’re interested in submitting, I’d love to have you! Email me at Kerryrailey@gmail.com or message me via the Irish Eyes Photography Facebook Page.


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