“Why I Love” Wednesdays – Jen Dizel-Byrne

One of the features I’ll be running on the blog while I’m on maternity leave is called “Why I Love This Photo.”  Guest writers submit their favorite photos and the stories behind them.  Anyone can submit a photo and story – it’s a fun way to appreciate photography and what makes it so important.  So feel free to send your story to me at kerryrailey@gmail.com.  I can’t wait to hear it. 

Today we’re meeting Jen Dizel-Byrne.  Jen is a designer for a jewelry company called Origami Owl.  Let’s get to know her better.

Name:  Jen Dizel-Byrne

Occupation:  cardiovascular technologist/invasive specialist at MGH, and Origami Owl independent designer

Children pictured- Katie:  3.5, and Jameson: 2

Town I Live In: Weymouth, MA

Fun Facts About Me:  I try to stay active to set a good example for my children. In October I ran my 2nd Marine Corps Marathon. Next year’s goal is to the a Presidential Traverse (hike all the mountains in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains in one trip- 23 miles) – my side business/hobby is being a designer for Origami Owl, which is a social selling jewelry company specializing in customizable lockets. Customers can purchase directly from me, or host jewelry bars, where the hostess earns free jewelry based on her guests’ purchases. To learn more, please visit www.facebook.com/origamiowlbyjdb

Here is her photo submission:


…and here’s why she loves it:

This photo was taken in October at Crawford Notch in the White Mountains. My husband and I brought our 2 children up for a weekend of camping. We are both camping and hiking enthusiasts, and are trying to instill that in our children at a young age. That particular day was especially crisp and breezy, but the sun was shining and the sky was clear for the most part. As soon as we got our kids out of the car, they took off running into the field pictured. It made me smile to see their faces as they played in the tall grass and pointed at the mountains. It was pure joy. Eventually, my husband and I would like to relocate to the White Mountains, and seeing our children’s reactions solidified that dream. We would love to be able to raise them in such a beautiful area surrounded by nature.

Pure.  Joy.  What a thing to capture.  Especially with such a majestic backdrop.  How wonderful to have a hope like moving to a special place solidified by seeing your children share the same love for your dream.  What a great photo, and what a great story behind it.  Thank you so much, Jen!  Maybe when things settle down with the kiddos, I’ll book a jewelry party.  Who wants to come?

Come back next week for another guest blogger and why they love their photo!  And if you’re interested in submitting, I’d love to have you! Email me at Kerryrailey@gmail.com or message me via the Irish Eyes Photography Facebook Page.


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