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One of the features I’ll be running on the blog while I’m on maternity leave is called “Why I Love This Photo.”  Guest writers submit their favorite photos and the stories behind them.  Anyone can submit a photo and story – it’s a fun way to appreciate photography and what makes it so important.  So feel free to send your story to me at kerryrailey@gmail.com.  I can’t wait to hear it. 

Today, we get to hear from Susan Rego – co-founder of  Your Family Nest.  Susan marks the third and final installment of our Your Family Nest-Fest! (I giggle every time I write that).  Check out her co-founder Lindsay’s story from here, and Bethany’s story here!

Here are the three lovely ladies and their families all together:


Photo credit: Hike Photography.  Used with permission.

Susan is the happy brunette on the right.  Let’s get to know her a little.

I am a happy, busy mom of an 8 year old diva ..ahem daughter and a sports crazed 10 year old son! We, along with my hard working husband live on the South Shore with our newest addition Tank:  the best doggie in the world!

A little more about Your Family Nest:

Your Family, LLC was started by 3 moms who love all things pregnancy, labor/delivery, and bringing baby home.  We love helping families transition to life with a newborn and are personal pregnancy concierges.

Started in October of 2012, Your Family LLC has been a labor of love.  Our combined desire to nurture families transitioning to life with a newborn is quite incredible.  We all had profound experiences being pregnant, laboring and delivering, and raising our young children that we couldn’t help creating Your Family.  We want to support, guide, and share laughs with our “families” and create lasting relationships.  Our care has no end.  We will join a family at any point in their parenting journey and stick with them as long as they like.

Our website is fun and always being updated!  www.yourfamilynest.com

Our Facebook page is another great way to get to know ‘the family”: http://facebook.com/yourfamilynest

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/yourfamily3

Your-Family-Nest-Susan-Rego-Irish-Eyes-Photography-Why-I-Love-This-PhotoPhoto credit: Hike Photography.  Used with permission.

This is a photo of myself and my 8yr old daughter Amelia. This happens to be my favorite “pic” of that day!!  It was a beautiful (yet chilly) early spring morning. The yellow of the Daffodils in the background really made our eyes stand out. I especially love how Kelly was able to capture our eyes smiling. We genuinely had so much fun posing for these! I’m sure you will be able to tell from the other photos as well. All of our families were so happy, and had such a great time that day. In this particular shot of Amelia and myself, I find myself drawn to how we share the same dark hair, and the same arch to our eyebrows. When you see your children every day, sometimes you overlook the little things because you’re so focused on the day to day. I am so blessed to have this moment forever captured in time.

What Susan says is so true; we overlook little details sometimes because we’re focused on our daily grind.  Hiring a portrait photographer and setting aside some time to get captured together with your family, being yourselves, holds a value far greater than awesome pictures on a wall; it causes you to stop and take a moment to appreciate little details like how your eyebrows arch the same way.  I am so happy that Susan appreciated this time in front of the camera with her daughter.  I’m sure this is a portrait that will be treasured forever – by both of the stunning ladies in it.  What a great shot and a great memory.

Come back next week for another guest blogger and why they love their photo!  And if you’re interested in submitting, I’d love to have you! Email me at Kerryrailey@gmail.com or message me via the Irish Eyes Photography Facebook Page.


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