…and I was there to photograph the whole thing!!!


It was a GORGEOUS evening in Boston on the Harbor.  Chris and I got there early to make sure it went off without a hitch.  Katie believed she was going out for dinner with her two best friends.  The dining location happened to be the place Katie and Chris had their first date.  After their dinner on that fateful first date, the two lovebirds sat on a nearby bench and got to know each other.  On this night, almost 3 years later, Chris was waiting on the same bench for Katie and her friends to walk by on their way to dinner.  Her friends were in on it (and are SO fun to watch in the photos), all the parents were in on it.  And I…. was in/on the bushes.  😉

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the evening.

Irish-Eyes-Photography-Proposal-Shoot-06Isn’t the ring stunning?  Chris had it made.  It’s extra special because the diamond (and two diamond chips on either side of it) belonged to our grandmother.  Nana and Katie shared the same birthday, and the same birthstone (which happens to be a diamond) so Nana left Katie what she had.  Katie had NO IDEA she was left these amazing heirlooms until after Chris gave her the ring.  Talk about one surprise after another! Irish-Eyes-Photography-Proposal-Shoot-05They ended the evening with a run through the sprinklers.  Ah, love.  🙂Irish-Eyes-Photography-Proposal-Shoot-04Irish-Eyes-Photography-Proposal-Shoot-03The light was so flipping perfect that night.  I happen to know exactly why that is.  Big brother Chris is showing off his approval.


I know, I know, you want the good stuff.  The shot-from-the-bushes stuff.  The action shots of how it all went down.  Take a look through this slideshow and you’ll see the moment unfold… from Chris waiting on the bench for her to arrive, to her discovering him, to the proposal, and then to a fantastic impromptu photo shoot with my beautiful sister and my handsome soon-to-be brother-in-law.  (Click on the first image to be taken to a slideshow.  And yes, it will work on your mobile device.  At least…it works on mine!)It was truly an amazing night.  I am SO HAPPY I got to be a part of it!!!


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