Teasers – Caty – Weymouth High Class of 2015 & Nick – Weymouth High Class of 2014 – Irish Eyes Photography

When Caty’s dad asked me to do her senior portraits this year, he also asked that I re-take her brother Nick’s portraits.  Nick had graduated the year before and had his yearbook photo taken through the high school.  Apparently it was a terrible experience and no one liked the pictures.  So, they wanted a re-do.  Instead of a stuffy high school auditorium with boring blank canvases as the backdrop, these two were treated to a gorgeous evening in Webb Park in Weymouth MA.  The sun was setting and creating gorgeous drama behind them.  The light was just right.  And, dare I say it, we had a lot of fun.  I’m hoping this was a better experience for Nick (and his parents) than last time.

Chase-2046-Irish-Eyes-PhotographySee?  I told you we had a ball.  Right off the bat I captured this endearing, real, happy smile.  And how gorgeous is that light behind him?

I really liked Nick.  He  was a funny guy who was on the quieter side but still able to hold up a conversation.  From the little I know of him, I think this shot below captures him really well.  He is a good listener and he’s kind.  Doesn’t this just look like a fella you could have a nice chat with?  I think so.Chase-2104-Irish-Eyes-PhotographyWhile my time with Nick was great and he did an awesome job, the real star of the show today is Caty.  After all, these are HER senior portraits for HER senior year.  😉

Caty is lovely.  She’s outgoing, funny, and super sweet.  She carries herself with a great confidence – just the right amount.  Yet I don’t know if she realizes just how beautiful she is.   With a gorgeous smile and these big brown eyes, she lights up a room (or a park?) when she enters.  I had a lot of fun with Caty.  I hope she had a lot of fun with me too.  Chase-2208-Irish-Eyes-Photography

Chase-2024-Irish-Eyes-PhotographyThe light!  The light!  It was just so lovely and perfect!

Since we had the two of them together, with clean clothes (well, for the most part…Nick…haha), we also nabbed some sibling portraits.  A lot of families want sibling portraits of their younger kids, but they never think they can get their teenagers together for one.  Yet they’re always the biggest hit.  Teenagers reading this: do this nice thing for your parents.  Everyone will love you for it and you’ll have some great pictures to cherish forever.  Also, I sell gift certificates and Christmas is coming.  ….just sayin’.  😉

Anyway.  We took a few portraits throughout the evening but the best were definitely when we sat in this spot with the sunset behind us.  Oh man was that sky gorgeous.  And so were the models.

Chase-2187-Irish-Eyes-PhotographyThese are teasers!  There are so many more to see!  I can’t wait for this family to come to their order session so they can see the rest.  Be sure to “like” Irish Eyes Photography on Facebook so you can see more too, once I post them.


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