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Two years ago, I received an email from someone I had never met looking to gift a newborn session to their friend.   Long story short, that friend of theirs is now my friend.  We’ve been together through that newborn session, a few more mini sessions, various cake occasions (she’s an amazing baker), and just cheering each other on through life and motherhood of wee ones.  Yes, wee ONES.  Here is kid #2 — and he’s awesome.  As expected.   Ladies and Gents, Baby B.Irish Eyes Photography Baby B Newborn-3582

With HUGE Star Wars and Lego fans as parents, this was obviously going to be a shoot with themed props.  A Yoda hat, gorgeous blankets made by Baby B’s grandmother, a Lego Man knit hat and diaper cover… the list goes on.  Baby B’s dad even built a baby bottle out of Legos.  It was pretty fun.

If you know anything about newborn photography, you know that we photogs are always saying the baby should be photographed within the first two weeks of life (preferably 10 days) when doing a posed shoot like this.  The reason being, the younger they are, the sleepier they are, and also, they still want to be curled up like they were in utero.  Baby B was a little older than two weeks at the time of our session because he had to spend some extra time in the NICU.  So, you’ll note he’s not “folded up” like so many posed babies are these days.  He wants his legs out and free and he wants to be awake to take in his world.  The morning required a few stops for feedings to try to get him to fall asleep.  I couldn’t resist how sweet Baby B looks in the arms of his smiling Mama.

Irish Eyes Photography Baby B Newborn-3599

He fell asleep right after.  Still in her arms, I grabbed this shot.  He is so beautiful.  Irish Eyes Photography Baby B Newborn-3609

A blanket made to look like Lego blocks.  SO FUN.  Baby B was finally asleep so we let him sleep however he wanted to.  I for one am always a fan of shooting realistically.  You know that shot you always see with Baby propped up on its hands?  Babies don’t sleep with their heads propped up in their hands.  Ever.  That famous shot has to be a composite (two shots combined to make one)…that’s how unrealistic (albeit cute) it is.  Go for the natural, folks.  Let them lay how they lay.  Years from now, his parents will look at this shot and chuckle because maybe he’ll still lay exactly this way.  Real is good.  Go for the real.Irish Eyes Photography Baby B Newborn-3625

Lego Hat!!!  So cute!  And how sweet does he look?!!?Irish Eyes Photography Baby B Newborn-3647

Here is an example of one where I would have posed him with his legs tucked in had he been a week younger.  Perhaps with his hands framing his face a bit.  But Baby B wanted his legs out and wanted his hands where they were.  Baby is always right in these instances.  So I draped the material appropriately and shot him how he was comfortable.  And I think it still looks like a pretty gorgeous pose.  Plus, bowtie.  I mean, c’mon.

Irish Eyes Photography Baby B Newborn-3668

If you’re a fan of Irish Eyes Photography on Facebook, you’ll know why this photo is so special to me.  I love it in black and white.

Irish Eyes Photography Baby B Newborn-3686

Baby B, you’re the best.  I can’t wait to watch you grow up and see what antics you get up to with your hilarious sister and your insanely funny parents.  I’m so glad once upon a time a friend of theirs got them a gift certificate to Irish Eyes Photography.


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