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It was after my Christmas Card Sessions.  Deadlines were looming.  A friend of mine posted on Facebook about how she had no idea how she was going to get Christmas Card pictures of both kids together – it was too hard.  I hinted that what she does is, hire me!  Another friend/client of mine also commented that she hires me to take care of it every year.  So, my friend hired me!  We had a short session at their home.  It has the LOVELIEST front porch and my friend (with her amazing taste in tow) decorated it perfectly.  The setup was adorable and everyone looked fantastic.  It made my job very easy.

Big Brother had been to my Halloween Mini Sessions twice.  Both times he froze in front of the camera.  Mum was worried we would have the same problem today.  I assured her these were a totally different sort of shoot and that not only is it more laid back and candid, but there’s no hay to sit on (something I think freaks some kids out).  Big Brother and I played a game of hide and go seek around a giant tree and we had an absolute ball.  He definitely did NOT freeze this time around.  Look at those smiles!

Little Sister is no stranger to Irish Eyes Photography either!  This gorgeous older baby was once this tiny little newborn!  She is just as lovely now as she was then.  What a cutie!

I loved the color scheme here.  Everything goes together perfectly yet it’s not too matchy-matchy.  It was the perfect look for Christmas Cards.

We were all done and I was packing up when I noticed a lovely canvas of Dad and Big Brother.  Mum had taken the image and loved it, so she had a canvas made.  She talked about how she’s never in any photos.  So we went back outside and grabbed some of her with each little one.  I love this one of her and Big Brother laughing together.

And here’s the one that made the wall.  Mum with Little Sister now joins Dad with Big Brother as big beautiful canvases to decorate their home.  Perfect.

This was such a fun session!  Just because you don’t make it to the Christmas Card Session Event I host every year doesn’t mean you can’t get Christmas Card portraits with me!  The aesthetic from their session went perfectly with the Tradition With A Twist Card Collection I offer:

This front of the card paired with a simple message on the back was a classic way to let their friends and family know they were thought of this holiday season.  I’m happy to have been able to help and hopefully keep Mum stress free about her Christmas cards!

Thanks for the awesome shoot, L Family!  I hope we get to do it again next year!


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