First Communion and Family Portraits – Irish Eyes Photography – Weymouth MA

I’m excited to show you this session, friends.  I was asked to take First Communion portraits of the beautiful and lovely S.  As soon as my intern Anna and I arrived, she was all ready to go and looked absolutely stunning in her gown and veil.  It was a beautiful but chilly day, so we headed outside to take some shots while we had good light and wouldn’t get too cold.  I love that their home is the background for these images.  It becomes a character in the story of this special time.


It was chilly but S was a trooper.  She told us absolutely hilarious stories about her and her best friend.  There was no trouble getting a smile out of this kid!


When we had had our share of the chilly outdoors, we went inside.  There was beautiful light pouring in from upstairs.  I had S stand at the bottom and look up, hands clasped in prayer. No special equipment or techniques here, folks.  Just finding the light and knowing how to use it.Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-03

The light in their home was amazing everywhere.  Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-04



Once we captured some great shots of S in her gown, she changed out of it and we moved on to family shots.  Little Brother D was not interested.  His mother saw this image, laughed out loud, and immediately purchased it.  Sometimes we don’t need the images of everyone smiling directly at the camera; we need the ones that capture our loved ones’ personalities.  This image captured Little Brother in all his two-year-old glory.  The black and white not only added to the mood, but is also a mirror to a toddler’s world: black and white (I speak from currently being in the trenches of a two-year-old boy’s life).  Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-07

This image is beautiful to me because of the way Mum and Dad are doting on their children and the children are completely unaware.  Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-08Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-09

Family portraits in front of their amazing dining room window.  They had white gauzy curtains hung up so it created this lovely diffused light.  It was like bringing a studio with me! Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-10

I always ask if Mum and Dad want some shots together alone.  It’s nice to take a moment and celebrate the two people that brought all this love into the world and made a home and a life together.  Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-12

I absolutely love this last one.  So in love.  So much joy.  Life is beautiful.Irish-Eyes-Photography-First-Communion-2016-11

Thanks for allowing me into your beautiful home, D Family!  Anna and I had such a great time with all of you.  Your home and your family are full of so much joy and light.  Thanks for letting us capture it.


(and Anna too!)

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