2017 Halloween Mini Sessions

I’m back again with another crop of AWESOME kids!  This was the first year my Halloween Mini Session event was held at my new studio location in Downtown Hingham MA and I was worried I might lose a lot of folks who were used to the old location.  But thanks to a backdrop made from an image of the inside of my garage, you can barely tell the difference.  I’m so happy it worked out that way and we can keep the setup just like it’s always been.  I know many of my clients rely on that consistency for their albums.

This year was full of so much joy.  It was a lovely day outside so the kids could play in out in the fairy garden, or, play a game of cornhole.  There was a wall mural of a Halloween coloring page, and of course the same camera toys that are always here for any kiddos who stop by.  Not only that but one amazing client made handmade trick-or-treat bags for everybody (well, almost everybody; while she made a TON I still had more kids that came by).  Everyone was so excited for that surprise (including me!) and I was SO TOUCHED that a client was so thoughtful to do such a thing.

I was also touched by the client who had moved to Maine since last year and drove the three hours down to make it – she said she just couldn’t miss one of her favorite fall traditions.  What an incredible thing to hear!  You guys, you’re all THE BEST.  Thank you for being such lovely, caring clients.  It is so appreciated and it’s the reason why doing this year after year is so rewarding.

OK onto the gallery!!!  These are in absolutely no order; for some reason when I upload these galleries to the site they go out of order and I think you’d all rather me email you your copies sooner than have me sit here putting these in order.  So without further ado – here are all my awesome friends from this year!   Enjoy!

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