Irish Eyes Photography Community Challenge Week #1: Gratitude

Hello everyone!  Welcome to 2018!  Lots of exciting things are happening around here and one of my favorite new ideas being explored is this Community Photography Challenge!  You can join the group here on Facebook.  Each week I’ll give members a new photography prompt.  Members then have a week to take an image and post it to Instagram with the appropriate hashtags.  Then, when the week is up, I will share a gallery of the resulting images.

Our first prompt was GRATITUDE.  Here are the amazing images that people took:


You can click on any image to see additional descriptions if you’d like.

If you participated and you don’t see your image included, check your hashtags (#irisheyesgratitude most importantly), or, if you want to be included in the gallery, make sure your profile is public.  You don’t HAVE to have a public profile to partake in the challenge, but you do have to have a public profile if you want the image to show up in the gallery.

Be sure to check in on the Group Page to find out next week’s challenge!


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