Irish Eyes Photography Community Photo Challenge Week #2: Winter

We’ve got another great week for the photo challenge!  This week’s theme was ‘winter.’  In this area of the world, the beginning of the week offered snow on the ground and plenty of wintery scenes.  But by the end, thanks to an insane amount of rain, snow was a lot harder to find.  This forced some people to think outside the box which was a great challenge and people really rose to the occasion!  I myself had an idea of gathering all of our snowy boots in a line out on the snow covered deck for my image.  But I never got the chance for that one.  Still, I was happy with where the universe’s inspiration took me.  Take a look at the entire gallery and if you want to join in the fun, you can join the Facebook Group here!


You can click on any image to see additional descriptions if you’d like.

If you participated and you don’t see your image included, check your hashtags (#irisheyeswinter most importantly), or, if you want to be included in the gallery, make sure your profile is public.  You don’t HAVE to have a public profile to partake in the challenge, but you do have to have a public profile if you want the image to show up in the gallery.

Be sure to check in on the Group Page to find out next week’s challenge!

Irish Eyes Photography’s Community Challenge started on January 17th, 2018.  Here are the weekly challenges this far:

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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