Irish Eyes Photography Community Photo Challenge Week #6: Safety


This week, we’ve had the least amount of posts since the challenge began.  I believe it’s not because people aren’t interested, but instead, because it was too challenging.  Not because of the word itself, but because in light of ongoing events (I wanted to say recent but it’s not just recent events at all), I don’t believe many of us feel safe at all.  It was because of my lack of feeling safe after the shooting in Florida that I chose the word Safety.  I needed to be inspired to find something that made me feel safe.  It was a hard challenge for me as well.  What makes me feel safe these days?  Feel free to find my post among the other wonderful posts to find out the answer.



You can click on any image to see additional descriptions if you’d like. If you participated and you don’t see your image included, check your hashtags (#irisheyessafety most importantly), or, if you want to be included in the gallery, make sure your profile is public.  You don’t HAVE to have a public profile to partake in the challenge, but you do have to have a public profile if you want the image to show up in the gallery. Be sure to check in on the Group Page to find out next week’s challenge!

Irish Eyes Photography’s Community Challenge started on January 17th, 2018.  Here are the weekly challenges this far:

Have a wonderful week everyone!


p.s. what makes you feel safe?  How are you doing with all that’s going on in the world?  This is a safe space.  Feel free to open up.

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