At Home With the A Family – a newborn lifestyle session – Irish Eyes Photography, Hingham MA

There’s no doubt about it; lifestyle sessions are my absolute favorite.  What’s better than capturing YOU and YOUR family in YOUR space?  It tells your story on an entirely deeper level.  When you look back at your images someday, you’re not only saying “aw, look at how little Junior is” and, “remember that shirt you wouldn’t take it off?!” and, “aww that was my favorite necklace,” but you can add in so many more layers: “oh my goodness I forgot your room looked like that” or “that was my favorite lamp and then you accidentally broke it when you were playing Superbowl in the living room two years later” and everyone can laugh together at all the extra stories these pictures tell.  So, so special.

The A Family had welcomed their newest member and wanted to capture this amazing and huge time with an at-home session.  I absolutely loved our time together.  Baby M was an incredibly chill baby – and I hear that’s not always the case, so, score!  Hahaha.  We had a ton of fun and I really love their images.  Take a look.

This next one is too fun.  The A Family agreed; they purchased a large print to put in the most fun place; they put it over their stairs in the little ceiling alcove you can see ahead of you from the top of the stairs (I have no idea how to describe to someone who doesn’t have this feature in their home this but hopefully that makes sense hahaha).  So every time they walk down the stairs, this happy, loving, hilarious image will make them smile.  When they said this was their plan I was so excited.  It’s perfect for that spot!

I love baby toes!!! Thanks for the incredible honor of capturing this time for you, A Family.  You are all so wonderful, so kind, so fun! and so special.  I can’t wait to capture more milestones for you.


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