Irish Eyes Photography Community Photo Challenge Week #19: Gray

When I first put this challenge out into the group, it was “grey.”  It was pointed out that most Americans (and so far, all participants are American) spell it “gray” so I changed it.  How do you spell it?  I’ve always spelled it with an ‘e’.  I don’t know why but it makes more sense to me.  Such a fun little topic.

I chose grey/gray because it is my second favorite color.  I don’t think I need to point out what my very favorite obviously is (ahem, green, ahem), but I know grey/gray is an odd one for a favorite.  I love how it’s calming and can be deep.  I love that it compliments every other color.  I love how clean and smart it can look in decor – as a wall color it’s extremely neutral yet it’s not beige (which, while can be awesome, I’m more of a cooler color gal).  I just love it!  So I thought it would be a great challenge.  I did not forsee how tough it would be.  At least at this time of year.  Everything is bursting with color!  Grey/gray…not so much!  Everyone who participated this week did a great job – I loved everything everyone did.  I was surprised that no one (including myself) went with a black and white/grayscale image.  I absolutely thought that was the direction I was going to go.  I still might tinker with that idea now that the challenge is done.  It’s never too late to add an image to any of the galleries if you either want to catch up or, just get inspired to take another shot!  Anyway.  Here’s the gallery!  Great job everyone!


You can click on any image to see additional descriptions if you’d like. If you participated and you don’t see your image included, check your hashtags (#irisheyesgray most importantly), or, if you want to be included in the gallery, make sure your profile is public.  You don’t HAVE to have a public profile to partake in the challenge, but you do have to have a public profile if you want the image to show up in the gallery. Be sure to check in on the Group Page to find out next week’s challenge!

Irish Eyes Photography’s Community Challenge started on January 17th, 2018.  Here are the weekly challenges this far:

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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