Irish Eyes Photography Community Photo Challenge Week #30: Tide

Yes, I was completely on vacation last week and KNEW I had a house on the beach to look forward to so I totally picked this week’s challenge with my vacation in mind.  It’s the first week I ever picked a challenge knowing what I personally had ahead of me.  It was still tough; I spent most of the week blissfully without my phone, and then whenever I did have it, the tide wasn’t where I wanted it to be.  When it finally was, it was a little darker than I’d had liked but I still got my shots so I was happy with that.

I’ve been noticing lately a drop in our weekly submissions.  I assumed that people were just living summer to its fullest (which I totally support) and not doing any extra tasks.  However, I’ve also seen a few #irisheyestide posts that aren’t in the gallery — I wonder if some of you made your accounts private again?  I know we have a lot of people who, since the beginning, play along but with private accounts so we never get to see their gorgeous work.  I just love that people ARE still doing these, even if not everyone can see them.  I’m glad to know it’s still fun for so many of you.  I’m having a ball with these myself (even the hard ones).  So let’s take a look, shall we?!



You can click on any image to see additional descriptions if you’d like. If you participated and you don’t see your image included, check your hashtags (#irisheyestide most importantly), or, if you want to be included in the gallery, make sure your profile is public.  You don’t HAVE to have a public profile to partake in the challenge, but you do have to have a public profile if you want the image to show up in the gallery. Be sure to check in on the Group Page to find out next week’s challenge!

Irish Eyes Photography’s Community Challenge started on January 17th, 2018.  Here are the weekly challenges this far:

Have a wonderful week everyone!


p.s. since I was on vacation last week, Week 31 will follow almost immediately after this post goes live so stay tuned!

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