R.R. – Class of 2019

I have had the pleasure of knowing this beautiful girl for a handful of years, as we perform together every summer.  She’s super talented and really sweet.  She had her headshots taken back on a cold, cold day last winter, and she rocked it.  Now it’s time for her senior portraits (ack!) and of course she rocked it again.  I swear I could’ve been completely silent and given her zero guidance and she’d still know exactly what to do.  It was a delightful way to spend an evening.

We took these at the ever popular Webb Memorial State Park in Weymouth.  It was a gorgeous evening and the light was magical.  I love when the stars align! We even had a bit of fun at the end with some sparklers.  Check it out:

Can’t wait to see where this chick goes.


p.s. as a bonus, I’ve got a little video from this session!!! When we were taking these images, the Hingham Journal was writing up a story on my little studio and they asked me for a video.  What’s more fun than sparklers?  Thanks to R and her mum for helping me out with it!  Click on the link to see us making these images.  And check out that magical sky behind us!!!  Swoon!

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