A gift for Dad

I first met this sweet little one and her mum when they stopped in to my Parade Portraits on the Fourth of July.  She was too little to take advantage of the backdrops I had set up for that day, so we improvised.  I’m in love with her lobster outfit.

Directly afterward, her mum reached out to book a family session for the Fall.  And then, a month or so later, she reached out to ask if we could fit in a Mom-and-Me session because she wanted to surprise her husband.  We had SO MUCH FUN during our session.  It was quick, painless, and we got the shots that were perfect for the planned surprise.  Along with some gift prints, mum purchased a couple of these as larger wall art, matted and framed and ready to gift to her husband (and then hang on the wall).  Now they get to see these happy moments each and every day.  That’s why wall art is the best.

Doesn’t Mum have the best hair?!  I have complete hair envy.

Because these images will be proudly displayed on their walls, this little one is going to grow up seeing that Mum has always been this madly in love with her.  I love it.  (And, plan to see the above image again when it’s time for Mother’s Day Sessions; I see the perfect advertisement shot in that one!)

Ugh.  Those baby blues get me every time!

My usual approach to editing pictures is to keep people looking as much like themselves as possible.  Sure, I’ll clean up some acne or a scratch or bug bite.  But generally, if a mark is part of what you look like, I like to keep it.  Little one here has that all-too-familiar sweet stork-bite between her eyes.  Someday that will probably fade.  But for now, it’s a part of who she is in this lovely, fleeting baby stage.  I gently mentioned to her mum that if she didn’t like it I could take it out but that I thought it honored this time in her life.  Mum agreed; these images are all about looking back at these moments and all the details from them.  Of course, someone else might prefer I edit it out and that’s OK too! Every client is different and I am happy to honor every client’s preferences.

After each of my sessions, I send my clients a questionnaire asking them about their experience.  I am always aiming to make my clients happy and want to make sure I achieved my goal.  When I got this questionnaire back, it had the sweetest feedback and I just had to share.  “I had a great experience with Irish Eyes! Kerry was always quick to respond with questions and always found time for us. The process was flawless. Her pictures of my four month old were gorgeous! She was so great and patient with her that I was completely floored!”

I am so excited to work with this family again in a couple of weeks for their long awaited Fall family session.  I can’t wait to finally meet Dad!  Hopefully I’ll still be on a roll with blogging and can share that session as well.  Until then, have a wonderful Tuesday!


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